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Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device


Military techniques, 5 stars protection

The product uses military seal techniques with creative mechanical design, which ensures strong shell protection, dustproof, waterproof and anti-dropping. It passes waterproof test and can be put under 1 meter water for 10 minutes. It passes tire crushing test and can stand maximum 1000kg pressing. It passes 10 times drop test from 5m height without any damage.

Voice data report – "talking" laser distance meter

Rock X3 is the first laser distance meter integrated with voice reporting function, is a "talking" laser meter. Measurement results can be heard.

Green lithium battery, superior power lasting and usefull life

The product uses high-capacity lithium battery, which can be measured for 20000 times, is the 4 times of normal laser meter . It greatly saves battery maintenance cost.

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  Rock X3  

 Water-proof: no water inflow within 10 minutes under 1 meter water.


Different from normal laser distance meter, RockX3 has adopted military water proof technology of IP-7 standard (under 1 meter water for 10 minutes). Outdoor measurement may experience various bad weather and hostile environment, the water-proof technology of RockX3 can make your outdoor work easier and convenient. You can better concentrate on your work!


 Dust protected: seamless design away from dust


RockX3 is adopted Omni seal technology of IP-6 Dust protected standard, which can protect the equipment from the damages of dust and ensure accurate measuring results even in a dusty workshop.

  Rock X3_2  
  Rock X3  

 Anti-dropping: the equipment can stand the impact of falling from 5 meters height to hard land.


The stand-out hard rubber cover of RockX3 functions as buffer when the equipment impacts with hard surfaces. Even dropping the equipment from 5 meter height, it is still good without damage.


Anti-pressing: the equipment can stand pressing up to 1 ton


In the hostile environment of construction sites, instruments and machines can easily pressed each other. RockX3 can stand pressing up to 1 ton without any damage.

  Rock X3  
  Rock X3  

 Anti-skidding: the design of tire grain for the purpose of anti-skidding.


Massy instrument and the design of tire grain ensure the steadiness even place on the smooth glass surface. You can place the instrument to wherever and complete stable measuring.


Super large size LCD display, easily read data anytime anywhere


4 lines of backlight display and illumination display. You can easily read data even in a dark environment.

  Rock X3  
  Rock X3  

Super power endurance


Have you ever experienced the shortage of power when using laser meter for measuring? Compared to traditional measuring tool, Rock X3 adopts lithium battery and greatly improves power endurance. The instrument can measure maximum 20k times, which is the 5 times of other brands. The lithium battery can use at least several years and you do not need to frequently change battery. In addition, the lithium battery is more green.


Voice data report – "talking" laser meter


Rock X3 integrates with voice data report function and is a talking instrument. You can listen to the measuring results in any bad environment.

  Rock X3  

Volume measuring


You can accurately measure length, acreage and volume in several seconds and don't need to do any complex calculation. The instrument can greatly simplify your living and work.

Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device
Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device

Rock X3-Laser measure tape, Laser measure device The spec are as follows:






±2 mm(class 2)



Max/Min,Continuous measurement


Area, volume calculations


Indirect measurement using Pythagoras





4 Line dot matrix 

Display illumination


History measurement recodes



Chinese/English data reader

Buzzer indication




Battery type

Rechargeable Li-ion

Power of battery


Battery life

Up to 20000 time

Laser  Class

Class 2M II

Laser type

635 nm, < 1mW

Operating Temperature

0°C    to  +40°C

(+32°F  to  +104°F)

Storage Temperature

-10 °C   +60

(14°F  to  +140°F)

Dust Protect/Splash proof

IP67 Dust-proof, water protected, drop-resistance, compression resistance, skid proof

Auto. laser switch-off

After 0.5 second

Auto instrument switch-off

After 3 min


120*60*28 mm



1.Area/Volume calculating
2.Voice Function
3.Illumination change
4.Addition/Record up
5.Historical data recalls
6.Subtraction/Record down
7.Reference Setting
8.Device off/Clear
9.Unit change
10.Shoot & Measuring
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