Ten years ago,

There is a conversation always lingering in my mind:

‘Just one laser distance meter costs me more than three thousand

yuan, is there anything less expensive?’

‘No sir, we don’t have anything, these are all made by international

giant companies. You can’t find any domestic company making the

same product.’

‘That’s too expensive, I can’t even afford it.’

‘If you can produce anything like that for a lower price, we will sell all of them’, he answered with a sarcastic tone.It was a phone call I can not forget even to this day.

Thanks to this call, I tapped into the unknown territory in China, the field of the precision measurement.

I have found there are many technology companies following the way of studying, imitating and even surpassing the rivals after 30 years of reform and opening up in China. It even breeds some fast-growing, world-renowned Chinese companies. But for precision measurement, China has just begun. I was believing the Chinese firms should catch up with and surpass the international giant

companies. And we will be a new superstar in this line of business.

Since we have faith to bring customers a completely new version of the traditional design of the industry and let customers experience a perfect combination of technology and design. We let architects, designers, professional customers and consumers rely on Mileseey’s products.

On behalf of my work colleague, I shall be keeping an infinite passion for work, a tenacious striving for a career and a team spirit, that constantly overcomes all kinds of difficulties. We will make the best products for you. In the end, we will accomplish the dream from that phone call.

  • 12 years

    12 years of photoelectric technology research and development experience

  • 50+ countries

    Business in 50+ countries

  • 129 intellectual

    129 intellectual property applications

  • 6000

    6000 ㎡ manufacturing center

After more than ten years of struggle and accumulation, with innovative technology and excellent pro



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