Have you learned 5 ways to use laser rangefinders safely?


The laser rangefinder is a general-purpose instrument. It is an instrument that uses a certain parameter of the modulated laser to measure the distance to the target. The original measurement distance is measured with a tape measure, but the distance across mountains and rivers is very difficult to measure with a tape measure. Convenient, now people have chosen this rangefinder to measure length. The instrument has small errors and is very convenient to use.

When we use the rangefinder to measure the distance, especially when using the instrument, the first warning we see is "Do not aim the rangefinder at the eyes or the human body!" However, the "safety" of the rangefinder Where does the basis for the use and operation of "unsafe" and "unsafe" come from? Today, we will take a look at some precautions when using the rangefinder.

laser rangefinders

Safe use of laser rangefinder:

1. First, install the battery on the instrument. For those rangefinders that can be charged directly, we must fully charge them before use.

2. There will be a switching power supply on each instrument. In some cases, the internal power of the rangefinder can be turned on by tapping the "transmit button", and the rangefinder can be seen in standby mode through the eyepiece.

3. After turning on the power, before measuring, we must choose the unit. The operation method is to press and hold the "mode key" to directly select the unit you want to select.

4. After all the preparations are done, we can aim at the object to be measured through the "internal LCD" in the rangefinder eyepiece, taking care not to shake the hand, so that the error can be reduced and the measurement result will be more accurate.

5. After confirming the tracing, lightly press the "transmit button", and the measured distance will be displayed on the "internal liquid crystal display". We can write down this value. If you are worried about the inaccuracy of the measurement, you can measure it several times.

Maintenance of laser rangefinder:

1. Frequently check the appearance of instruments and equipment and immediately eliminate surface dust, dirt, vegetable oils, mildew, etc.

2. A soft damp cloth should be used to clean the eyepiece, eyepiece or laser transmission window. It is forbidden to use hard blocks to portray, so as not to destroy the electronic optical characteristics.

3. The rangefinder is a high-level instrument that integrates optical, mechanical, and electrical. It should be handled with care during application. Extrusion or falling from high altitude is prohibited to prevent damage to the equipment.

When using a rangefinder to measure the distance of an object, the measurement must be carried out in strict accordance with the safety operation specifications in the instrument manual, and do not look directly at the laser emitting port during use to avoid irreversible damage. In order to ensure the normal use of the photosensitive element of the laser rangefinder, do not aim the laser emitting port at the sun during distance measurement in the field.