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The most painful thing about home improvement is all kinds of measurement work. Especially when the new house has just come down, there are a lot of requirements for the wife’s decoration, but the little fairy of surveying and mapping is definitely not able to do it. Various measurements in the new home, various corresponding notes in small notebooks, plus the notes that I was praised as spider crawling by my teacher since elementary school, the sketches in the notebook soon became indistinguishable.


The 3 meter tape measure is very painful when measuring the living room by myself. The length of the ruler is not enough. I can only find a brick to mark and then measure and sum it many times. At that time, I thought that the tape measure would have to be revolutionized sooner or later, and in five years After I bought my second house, my original whispers came true because I bought a Maice laser rangefinder.

In addition to buying this intelligent gadget because it is too attractive to look at, the functions and scenes of this little thing are too much for me. Basic pain points that I can think of, it has all been solved.

Let me talk about the first pain point. The most painful thing about my three-meter tape measure is that the measuring range is too short, and the high-tech gadgets of Maice can measure distance in real time. After a short press to launch the laser, the rangefinder displays the current length in real time. Moreover, it uses precise and stable Class II lasers, dual-shot single-receive technology application, 5cm to 40m, this large range can be measured, anyway, whether it is my living room or my residential square, it can basically measure it, and there is almost no visible light. Under conditions, the laser rangefinder can easily measure the length. This is an accurate value that is difficult to measure with traditional tape measures. It can be seen that the laser rangefinder is more portable in long distances or other extreme conditions. Far beyond the ordinary tape measure.

The second pain point is the accuracy problem. My previous measurement range is not enough to make up bricks, which will definitely lead to accuracy differences, and in normal measurement, whether the ruler is bent or shifted will affect the accuracy. The accuracy of the Mijia rangefinder It is as high as ±3mm. For my home improvement, it is accurate to the thickness of a nail, which is very nice.

The third pain point is to measure things normally. The tape measure should be at least two people or one hand. The ruler has to be straightened for fear of crookedness. However, the laser rangefinder can really free your hands and can accurately measure quickly with one hand. This is very important. After all, in the current society, time is money.

The fourth pain point is what I just mentioned. After normal surveying and mapping of data, the records are messy in the notes, and the data is not clear when I look back, especially for my ugly and earth-shattering, and the Mai rangefinder is intimate. Through Mijia's floor plan or real scene measurement, as well as mobile phone control remote measurement with separation of man and machine, there is also an intimate look at the "effect map" recommended by home appliances in function, and the calculation function of length, area and volume. Anyway, from the decoration, it is simply used Easy to use without friends.


In addition to solving the problem of pain points, the Mai rangefinder has also considered the details in the design. The bright display can be seen clearly in any occasion. The simple button logic makes it easier to get started. The large battery design can measure 3000 sets of data. Plus, what makes me feel good is that the data cable is type-C. After all, no one likes a bunch of dedicated cables at home. The details are really good.

Moreover, in practical applications, there is one point that must be praised. In theory, electronic products have high environmental requirements due to their design precision. However, the ambient temperature of this product is very loose, from minus 10° to above zero. There is no problem at 50°, and the author himself used it continuously for about half an hour outdoors at minus 5° without any abnormality. As a working surveying tool, it is really important not to pick the environment and the scene.

The advancement of science and technology is constantly changing our habits and improving our lives. If you also have home improvement or surveying and mapping requirements, a convenient, easy-to-use, and good-looking Maicha smart rangefinder is really a choice you don't regret.

G2Laser Distance Meter

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