Which brand of laser rangefinder is better? Laser rangefinder manufacturer


Now you can easily measure the distance with the laser rangefinder. You don’t need to take a circle ruler to calculate. It is a good helper for us to measure the distance. The laser rangefinder manufacturers remind that there are many brands of laser rangefinders that can be based on your own budget. And the actual use determines the domestic laser rangefinder. The price is cheap, but the performance is less stable than the imported ones. The imported laser rangefinders are more mature, but the price is much higher than the domestic ones, and after-sales The more domestic ones are more cumbersome. So what problems will we encounter in the process of using laser rangefinders? Chongqing laser rangefinder manufacturers have listed several common problems.


What is the principle of using infrared ranging or laser ranging?

The principle of ranging can basically be attributed to the measurement of the time required for the light to travel back and forth to the target, and then the distance D is calculated by the speed of light c = 299792458m/s and the atmospheric refraction coefficient n. Because it is difficult to measure time directly, it is usually to measure the phase of continuous wave, which is called a phase measuring rangefinder. Of course, there are also pulsed rangefinders, typically the DI-3000 of WILD. It should be noted that the phase measurement is not measuring the phase of infrared or laser, but measuring the phase of the signal modulated on infrared or laser. There is a hand-held laser rangefinder in the construction industry for house surveying, and its working principle is the same.

Does the plane of the measured object have to be perpendicular to the light?

Usually precision ranging requires the cooperation of total reflection prisms, and the rangefinder used for house measurement directly uses smooth wall reflection to measure, mainly because the distance is relatively short, and the signal intensity of the light reflected back is large enough. It can be known from this that it must be vertical, otherwise the return signal is too weak and the precise distance cannot be obtained.

Is it okay if the plane of the measured object is diffuse reflection?

Usually, it is also possible. In actual engineering, a thin plastic plate is used as a reflecting surface to solve the serious problem of diffuse reflection.

What is the difference between ultrasonic ranging and laser ranging?

Ultrasonic ranging accuracy is relatively low, and it is rarely used now. The accuracy of the laser rangefinder can reach an error of 1 mm, which is suitable for various high-precision measurement purposes.



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