Maice laser ranging telescope, netizen: the telescope can still play like this, cool


Speaking of telescopes, everyone is no stranger. We can often see many styles of telescopes on the market. Generally speaking, there are binoculars, monoculars and astronomical telescopes. The main purpose of the first two is to facilitate the viewing of distant scenery. , The difference lies in the three-dimensional appearance of the image, while the latter is mainly used to observe celestial bodies and has a strong specificity. Of course, you can occasionally use low-power eyepieces to observe ground targets. But have you ever seen a laser ranging telescope? Recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched a mini outdoor laser ranging telescope that can not only provide telephoto and distance measurement, but also speed measurement and golf ballistic compensation, right? Think it looks great? Let’s follow my experience and let’s take a look at this different telescope!


Before talking about the experience, we first explain what kind of company Maice Technology is. This technology company was established in 2005. It mainly provides leading precision laser measurement products and application solutions. It is the only domestic company that achieves completely independent intellectual property rights. A high-tech company that develops laser rangefinder technology and products. Its products are widely used in engineering and professional surveying and mapping, construction and engineering surveying, decoration, home DIY and industrial surveying. It is also worth mentioning that Maice Technology is the governing unit of the China Association of Surveying and Mapping Instruments in the Instrumentation Industry.


As mentioned earlier, the Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope has telephoto, ranging, speed measurement and golf ballistic compensation. So what is the purpose of TA? On the side of the package, we can see that this telescope is in addition to golf and watching games. In addition, it can also be used for forestry, electric power and traffic surveys. Compared with traditional telescopes, Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope is more professional.


The back of the package is the performance parameters of the Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope. There is more information shown. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I will extract some key points and tell you that the maximum range of this telescope is 600m, and it uses a 905nm laser. Wavelength work, ranging error ±0.5m (laser measurement accuracy rate is quite high), while having a 6X telescope magnification, the product size is 110*65*38mm.


The random items are: portable storage bag, CR2 battery, wipes and instructions.


In other words, the quality of the randomly distributed storage bag is really good. The hard shell protection is also equipped with a quick-release hook, and there is an inner lining and a fixed position. It is quite safe to protect the binoculars outdoors.


In terms of appearance, the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope adopts a simple design. The body is wrapped in an environmentally friendly, harmless, soft, comfortable, non-slip and wear-resistant soft rubber material. The grip is comfortable and very comfortable. At the same time, it has a mini appearance and light weight. The structure, even if it is carried or held for a long time, there will be no pressure.


In terms of lenses, the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope has a 6X fixed-focus optical telescope system, and a 7° field of view, coupled with a coated lens, so that the telephoto field is bright, the measured object is clear, and the measurement distance is longer. Suitable for users to view, range, and play golf. In the actual experience, I personally feel that the clarity, brightness and sharpness of the telescope are indeed quite good. It is more than enough to meet the needs of users. I will comment on the real shots later. , Let's continue to look at the details of the product.


A friend asked if the front end of the telescope is equipped with two objective lenses? Here is an explanation. The above is equipped with a 22mm telescope objective lens. We can get a picture of the distant scene through this lens, but the objective lens also includes a laser emitting lens. , And below is the laser receiving mirror, if there is obstruction, it is impossible to obtain the data of distance measurement and speed measurement.


The rear end of the Maice Mini Outdoor Laser Rangefinder Telescope is a 16mm aperture eyepiece with a ±5D diopter adjustment. It supports myopia or hyperopia within 500 degrees. The user needs to rotate the adjustment ring to clear it according to his vision before use. In addition, it should also be explained here that the exit pupil diameter of the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope is 3.7mm. What is the exit pupil diameter? Generally speaking, it is the eye distance telescope. You can see the small spot in the eyepiece. The diameter is called the exit pupil diameter, so when using it, it is not that the eyes are as close as possible. The distance between the eyes and the telescope can be mastered to obtain clear and sharp image quality.


Located on the top of the telescope are two composite buttons. The M on the left is the measurement mode/unit switch. The Maice Mini Outdoor Laser Rangefinder provides three different measurement modes, namely ranging, flagpole locking and speed measurement, and the unit is us You can choose M (meters) or YD (yards). The right one is the power button/measurement button. The operation is not complicated.


The bottom has a lanyard hole and a non-slip design, but there is no lanyard at random.


On the right side of the Maice Mini Outdoor Laser Ranging Telescope is the battery compartment, which can be opened by sliding it to the left. As you can see before unpacking, the accessory is equipped with a CR2 battery, which can be used when it is installed and turned on.


Small size, high-value appearance design, and solid workmanship, it can be seen that the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope is indeed quite good. Of course, good products need to use actual measurements to speak, so let's take a look at the ones used below. Experience.


Distance measurement mode of Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope


Flagpole lock mode of Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope


The speed measurement mode of the Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope.


The three modes seen through the through LCD of the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope, do they feel as professional as the telescopes used by military personnel in American blockbusters~ :)


First take a wide-angle shot to show you the scene picture. I believe many people don’t see clearly what the words on the top of the building in the middle are. Then, let’s take a look at the 6X fixed-focus optical telescope through the observation of the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope. What is the imaging brought by the system?


It can be seen from the real shots that not only the four fonts of Bank of China are clear, but even the English below is also clearly identifiable. Of course, I personally feel that the actual viewing effect is better than the above picture. After all, holding two devices There is also a certain loss in taking pictures through equipment.


Ranging performance, the result in almost seconds allows us to see the actual measured data without waiting, from my location to the roof of the building is 468.7m, the ballistic arc is 560.4m, and the compensation angle is 10º.

Turn on the flagpole lock function, the distance from my location to the top of the building is 466m, the ballistic arc is 559.6m, and the compensation angle is 10º.


Let's look at the data measured on the floor in the other direction. From my location to the top of the building, it is 436.2m, the ballistic arc is 531.5m, and the compensation angle is 11º.


At busy intersections, even though vehicles are constantly moving, the data that needs to be known can still be measured steadily. It is worth mentioning that the through-type LCD display effect of the Maice Mini Outdoor Laser Rangefinder is quite good. The sharp and clear font is convenient for our daily observation.


Seeing the speeding vehicles on the street, you must also take a look at the speed measurement effect of the Maice mini outdoor laser rangefinder telescope, then let's check the effect?

Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope supports speed measurement between 18km/h~300km/h, and it should be noted that the measured object must be measured at a speed above 18km/h, so the vehicle on the road is just right The test requirements are met. From the results, the speed of the tested vehicle is still in line with the traffic regulations.


Overall, the experience of the Maice mini outdoor laser ranging telescope is good. The operation is simple and easy to get started. The range and speed measurement is very fast and accurate. The beautiful appearance design can be said to be quite eye-catching when taken out of the street, and the body is light. Even if you play for a long time, it will not bring any pressure, so you can't go wrong with this binoculars. Do you like a binoculars with so many functions?