Strange golf rangefinder incident results in disqualification of professionals


Clicking a button may affect the qualification of a professional!

In the recent PGA Championship, Brett White was disqualified in the final round of the All-Pro Tour of the Colbert Charity Classic on Saturday because his golf rangefinder turned on the "angle switch." This violates Article 4.3 of the Golf Rules, which stipulates that "measurement of altitude changes" is not allowed.

For a long time, rangefinders are not allowed in professional tournaments, but this year's PGA Championship allows rangefinders.

"Due to multiple accidental violations of Rule 4.3a(1) and the use of distance measuring equipment to measure altitude changes, Brett White was disqualified from the Colbert Charity Classic in the final round of the competition." Specially wrote.


Rules for the use of rangefinder angle switches in golf games

In professional competitions, the angle switch cannot be used

Only the linear scanning rangefinder is supported. Although the rangefinder can also be used in professional competitions in daily training, there are situations such as slope and oblique angle measurement in daily training. In professional competitions, the "angle switch" must be turned off.


In daily training, the angle switch can be used

Rangefinders with angle switches are mostly used in daily training, but not all golfers are professional players. The daily improvement of technology and high frequency of use, rangefinders with angle switches are very popular among golfers.


Finally, attach the purchase Tips:

One clear, two consultation, three determination

①Clarify your own needs: daily, competition, both, budget;

②Buy and consult whether the rangefinder is equipped with slope compensation;

③Whether there is a slope compensation switch for purchase consultation;

④Determine the required product type for slope compensation according to demand;

⑤Determine the pros and cons of the required products according to the product function technology;

⑥According to the comprehensive consideration of product type and product technology, the product to be purchased is finally determined.

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