An important application of thermal imaging cameras in the field of ladle inspection!


In recent years, in the process of ironmaking and steelmaking in the metallurgical industry, the high-risk burns, fires, explosions and other major accidents caused by the overheating of the steel (iron) water pierce the ladle, serious wear of the ladle lining, fatigue damage, etc. Security poses a serious threat. The use of infrared thermal imaging cameras to achieve online rapid detection and diagnosis can detect abnormal temperature changes of equipment in time, locate defective parts, avoid safety accidents in time, and ensure normal production and operation.

1. The main application point of infrared thermal imaging camera in ladle inspection.

1. Check the inner lining of ladle and tundish.

Ladle lining is subject to chemical erosion, mechanical erosion, rapid cold and hot, easy to crack, bulge, fall off, etc. When the refractory material is locally damaged severely and is not found, it will cause a serious steel breakout accident. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect damage to the lining and avoid accidents.

2. Detection of ladle and tundish sediment.

The sediment will not only reduce the quality of molten steel, but also easily block the outlet, accelerate the wear of the refractory layer of the ladle, and shorten the service life of the equipment. Since the temperature of the slag and molten steel is obviously different, the position of the slag can be detected by real-time output temperature image of the infrared thermal imager.

thermal imaging

3. Detect the temperature of molten steel.

Due to the harsh environment of the ladle and the high temperature characteristics of the molten steel, it is difficult to measure the temperature of the molten steel in real time with the traditional degree measurement method. The infrared thermal imager can measure the temperature of molten steel in real time, automatically and continuously, and analyze the change trend of molten steel temperature according to the generated temperature curve, and intuitively read the maximum temperature and average temperature of molten steel, providing a strong basis for production management and process improvement .

2. The unique advantage of infrared thermal imaging camera in ladle inspection.

1. Non-contact. All-weather real-time monitoring does not affect the normal operation of the ladle.

2. The temperature measurement area displays the highest temperature point, the highest temperature value and the average temperature value. There is no need to measure the temperature at a single point, which is convenient for the operator to read.

3. The software automatically generates a temperature change curve record, which can capture on-site images and display the heating temperature.

4. The device supports high-temperature point alarm, and the alarm threshold can be set in multiple levels, and an alarm signal will be output when the set temperature point is reached.

Good Thing Recommended :

It fits for using in electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, manufacturing field, such as equipment maintenance, underfloor heating detection, LED testing, power maintenance,etc.

thermal imaging

thermal imaging