Laser rangefinder is a powerful assistant in the construction industry


The laser rangefinder is a high-precision measuring instrument. The intelligent laser rangefinder has helped the construction inspection in the construction industry and has become an effective assistant in the construction industry. Its high ranging accuracy and convenient measurement are favored by enterprises in the construction industry.

Traditional steel tape measures are usually only 5 meters and 10 meters in size. It is inconvenient to carry and measure custom-made long and measuring tapes! If you just want to solve this problem. Then believe that COSCO Laser Rangefinder will be your choice!

The laser rangefinder uses the laser phase comparison method to measure the non-contact distance of the surface of the object or the reflective target. This product has a reasonable structural design and is equipped with adjustable mounting brackets, lens purging devices, and air-cooled water cooling devices. It is more suitable for industrial applications, especially high-precision, non-direct contact application environments, such as crane operation positioning, metallurgical production line control, etc. .

The emergence of laser rangefinders has greatly reduced the labor time and labor costs of enterprises. According to the situation, based on years of experience in selling laser rangefinders, our company will classify commonly used laser rangefinders and recommend them to companies for comparison, so that companies can truly choose a cost-effective rangefinder that suits them! Laser measurement The use of distance sensors will enable companies to have a competent assistant, which is believed to be more effective.

Good Thing Recommended :

S8G Green Laser

Green laser is brighter, enable user easily find the laser point in far range measurement.