What is the application of laser rangefinder in house area measurement


It is understood that the area surveying and mapping of commercial housing is carried out in two stages. First, surveying and mapping personnel measure the predicted area of the house based on drawings and other data. After the house is completed, the area should be measured. In the area measurement phase, surveying and mapping personnel should conduct door-to-door measurements, use advanced laser rangefinder equipment to measure the length, width and height of the house, and calculate the internal area of the house based on these data, and measure the area of common buildings such as stairwells and elevators. .

The laser rangefinder is a sensor that uses laser technology for measurement. It consists of a laser, a laser detector and a measuring circuit. The laser sensor is a new type of measuring instrument. Its advantages are fast speed, high precision, large measuring range, and strong ability to resist photoelectric interference. The development of the transmission time laser laser distance sensor has been widely used in the detection field, and its technical content is rich, which has a significant impact on social production and life.

Laser ranging is one of the early applications of lasers, because lasers have the advantages of strong directivity, high brightness, and good monochromaticity. The error of measuring the distance between the earth and the moon with laser is only 250 meters. The distance between the earth and the moon is also measured with a laser, and the error is only 15 cm. The basic principle of using laser transmission time to measure distance is to determine the target distance by measuring the time required for the laser to travel back and forth to the target.

Although the principle and structure of the laser rangefinder are simple, it was mainly used in military and scientific research in the past, but it is rarely used in industrial automation. Because the price of laser ranging sensors is too high, usually several thousand dollars. In fact, all industrial users are looking for a sensor that can achieve long-distance and accurate distance detection. Because in many cases, the installation of sensors in close proximity will be restricted by the physical location and production environment, today's laser rangefinders will solve the problem in this situation.

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