Laser rangefinder allows you to enter the age of information


After the revolution of the industrial age, industrial giants in all walks of life have risen one after another, and the development of laser applications has also risen. When the world was busy with production and manufacturing again, our company was also established at this time. The company focuses on the development and manufacturing of laser rangefinders and laser rangefinder sensors.

In the high-tech field, the use of lasers is relatively small, and the scope of use is relatively small. In our impression, only laser weapons appear in the movie. The scope of laser application is not very wide, which is caused by many factors, such as: our technological level is not enough, people need to use less laser technology in life, etc. Although the application of laser technology is relatively small, it plays a very large role in the field of laser applications and has great development potential.

The laser rangefinder uses the laser phase comparison method to measure the distance to the surface of the object or the surface of the reflective target. The product has a reasonable structure design, equipped with adjustable mounting bracket, lens purging device and air/cold water cooling device, which is more suitable for industrial applications, especially high-precision, non-direct contact application environments, such as crane operation positioning and metallurgical production line control .

When the laser rangefinder is working, it emits a very thin laser beam to the target, and the photoelectric element receives the laser beam reflected by the target. The timer measures the time from emission to reception of the laser beam and calculates the distance from the observer to the target. The laser rangefinder has an advantage that no other instrument can match. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, simple operation, fast speed and accuracy.

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