Wall detector, always ensure the safety of your drilling operations


The electric wires in the home are usually buried in hidden wires during decoration, and painted on the outside. It is difficult to accurately determine the direction of the power cord when troubleshooting occurs. Although I have wiring experience, there will always be people who do not follow the rules. So for absolute safety when drilling, you need a wall detector.

According to the electromagnetic field theory, the detector radiates an electromagnetic field to the outside world, and when it receives the external electric field, it generates distributed induced currents of different sizes along the detected object. Thus, the magnetic field of the detector changes to determine the location of the object and the thickness of its protective layer.

Cable detection: Accurate positioning can avoid errors in drilling operations to the greatest extent.

Metal detection: It is convenient and practical to avoid hitting the steel bar when drilling, damaging the drill bit and injuring personnel.

Adopting sturdy and durable design, high dustproof and splashproof performance, suitable for construction sites. No need to calibrate, auto zoom, high sensitivity, more accurate target measurement.

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WD10 Multi-functional

Accurate and Efficient: detect studs, wood, metal and live AC wires. Safe and Reliable,make drills or mounting safely, IP65 dustproof and waterproof. 4 IN 1 detection and scanning modes. Deep mode detects wood and metal parts. Wide application: home decoration, renovating part of home, professional contractor work, hang or mount TV,pictures and clothes rods etc in room, DIY home project.