Laser rangefinder market and factors affecting the price of laser rangefinder


As a high-precision measuring instrument, laser rangefinder has been widely used in people's lives. But when purchasing laser rangefinders, the price of laser rangefinders varies greatly. Why is this? Let's take a look at the price information of laser rangefinders together.

There are many factors that affect the price of laser rangefinders. Without considering the brand value, the type of laser rangefinder must be considered first.

There are two types of laser rangefinders. One type is a handheld laser rangefinder. This type of rangefinder measures a relatively short distance, generally 40-300 meters, and has high measurement accuracy. The other type is the laser rangefinder telescope. This type of laser rangefinder has a long measurement distance, generally 500-2000 meters, and the longest measurement distance can reach 20 kilometers.

1. The price of handheld laser rangefinder

There are not many brands of handheld laser rangefinders on the market. The most famous brands are Leica and Bosch. The prices of handheld laser rangefinders generally range from 600-4000 yuan.

The main factors affecting the price of handheld laser rangefinders:

1. Measuring distance: The measuring distance of a handheld laser rangefinder is generally 40-300 meters. The farther the measuring distance, the higher the price. Generally, the price of a handheld laser rangefinder below 50 meters is less than 1,000 yuan.

2. Function: There are many functions of the handheld laser rangefinder. You need to understand in detail when you buy it. The more functions, the more expensive it will be.

Second, the price of telescope laser rangefinder

Telescope-type laser rangefinders, the world's top four brands are Tuya De, Bosneng, Alpha and Nikon. There are also some domestic brands. The telescope-type laser rangefinder generally has a measuring distance of 500-2000 meters, and there are also 20KM ultra-long-distance telescope-type laser rangefinders that sell for more than 100,000. Here we mainly introduce the commonly used telescope laser rangefinder of 50-2000 meters.

Generally speaking, the price of telescope laser rangefinder can be roughly classified as follows:

1. Models that can only measure distance

Can not measure height, angle, only distance measurement function. 500-800 meters, the price is about 800-1500 yuan, 800-1200 meters are priced at 1500-2500 yuan, and 1200-200 meters are priced at 2500-4000 yuan.

2. Multifunctional telescope laser rangefinder

Depending on the function, the price will vary. The main function depends on whether there are height measurement, angle measurement, horizontal distance measurement, height difference (absolute height), continuous range height measurement, continuous angle measurement (no need to trigger infrared emission light )Wait.

The main functional factors affecting the price of telescope laser rangefinder

  1. Measuring distance: This is the main indicator of the laser rangefinder telescope. It refers to how far the telescope can measure. The measuring distance of the telescope is generally 400-2000 meters. This distance refers to the straight-line distance from the measuring position to the measuring target. There is another important indicator behind, the horizontal distance (the two concepts must not be confused). The measurement distance of the laser rangefinder telescope is generally a theoretical measurement distance, which will be affected by the weather. So when you choose a rangefinder, in principle, you should choose a laser rangefinder telescope that is 20 or so farther than the farthest measurement distance you actually require. Measuring distance is the most important factor affecting the price of telescope laser rangefinders.

2. Whether it can measure the height: Whether it can measure the level, many rangefinders have this function, so this kind of rangefinder can also be called an altimeter. Another concept of height measurement is to measure the absolute height of the target (altitude difference). These two concepts must not be confused. At present, the main brands that can measure height are Tuyad and Olfa. Nikon 1000AS can also measure height, but it cannot measure angle. All models of the doctor can not measure the height. Models that can measure height are relatively more expensive than models without this feature.

3. Can the angle be measured: Can the angle be measured? Many rangefinders also have this function, so this kind of rangefinder can also be called a goniometer. Many models of Tuyad and Olfa have this function, and all models of Nikon cannot measure angle. Some models of Boshi can measure angle. The ability to measure the angle is another major factor affecting the price of telescope laser rangefinders.

4. Whether the absolute height of the target can be measured (altitude measurement difference): It is different from the concept of height measurement mentioned above, it refers to the height of the target itself, which is a function of high-end rangefinders. At present, only the SP1500H of Tuya De has this advanced function. But Alfa's new product released in Germany in May 2012 has a rangefinder with such a function. Neither Boss nor Nikon have such models.

5. Whether the horizontal distance can be measured: The measurement distance mentioned above refers to the linear distance from the measurement position to the measurement target, and the horizontal distance refers to the horizontal distance from the measurement position to the measurement target. These two distances are not the same. This is a feature only available in high-end rangefinders.

6. Can continuous ranging: continuous ranging is very useful in many situations, so this function is also very important.

7. Can continuous angle measurement: The continuous angle measurement function has this function on some high-end laser rangefinder telescopes. Continuous angle measurement refers to continuous angle measurement without triggering the infrared emitting lamp.