Hand-held laser rangefinder measurement is more accurate


The handheld laser rangefinder is the main product of Yantai Morton Inspection Technology. The handheld laser rangefinder is more accurate than traditional measuring tools. Why do you say that? The main points are as follows:

  1. The handheld laser rangefinder has fast measurement speed and high accuracy. As long as you aim at the target and press the button, you can complete the measurement, saving time and effort;

2. Hand-held laser rangefinders are divided into medium-distance laser rangefinders (measurement range 30 meters (natural surface), up to 100m. Add reflector can measure 150m), long-distance laser rangefinder (measurement range 300 meters, natural The surface of the object, the diffuse reflection surface can measure up to 3000 meters);

3. The resolution of the handheld laser rangefinder is 1 mm, the measurement time is generally 0.5 milliseconds, and the fastest is 0.1 milliseconds, which can be continuous and single measurement;

4. The handheld laser rangefinder has multiple functions, which can measure the circumference, area, volume, Pythagorean theorem and the length of the third side. Help you work smoothly;

5. The handheld laser rangefinder is small, compact, convenient for private use, easy to carry, powerful, and waterproof;

Good Thing Recommended :

1、2'' Display,Large display enables reading easily 2、IP65 makes sure it could work well even in challenging conditions, like in humidity or dust environments. 3、digital angle display help users find horizontal & vertical level easily. What’s more, auto level & height enable users get accurate distance with obstacle interfering. 4、When stopped by corners or gaps, end-piece helps to re-set the reference (device will automatically change into end-piece reference), to get the desired distance figures.