How to buy a laser rangefinder that suits you?


The laser rangefinder is actually an instrument that uses laser points to measure the distance between two points. So, how to buy a laser rangefinder that suits you?

Before we buy, we should first determine our needs, whether it is used indoors or outdoors? Understand the range and accuracy of the required laser rangefinder. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the laser rangefinder used indoors is 1-2mm, and the warranty ranges from 2-3 years, and the range is between 30-200 meters; the laser rangefinder used outdoors is generally 500 meters. Above, the accuracy is above 1 meter, and the price is relatively cheap.

Second, determine the purchase budget, a few hundred yuan or a few thousand yuan. Domestic rangefinders are generally cheaper than imported rangefinders, and the accuracy is slightly worse, and the warranty is generally 1-2 years. The quality of foreign countries, including accuracy, is better than that of domestic products, and the price is relatively expensive.

Finally, determine the brand. The well-known brands of indoor laser rangefinders are all well-known brand rangefinders. Imported rangefinders have a three-year warranty and are all high-precision rangefinders. The domestically made rangefinder is also good. Many brands of outdoor rangefinders are good choices.

Good Thing Recommended :

1、2'' Display,Large display enables reading easily 2、Removable pocket clip,user could easily carry it on pocket, belt, jacket or tool-pouch. 3、Adopting advanced measuring platform/solution: quick measurement response in high precision, 4、Full functionality well satisfied users’ decoration or building measurement request.