How much do you know about long-distance laser rangefinders?


The new generation of long-distance laser rangefinder can accurately measure the distance and speed of the measured object without using a reflector; when using a reflector, it can increase the measurement range of the laser rangefinder. It mainly uses the visible light beam emitted by the laser rangefinder to irradiate the measured object time, quickly and automatically calculate the distance, and display it on the laser rangefinder.

The long-distance laser rangefinder can measure moving objects because the measurement time is very short, and the machine uses laser, so it is particularly suitable for measuring the distance of distant objects, because the outside of the machine is a kind of Special protective materials, so it is especially suitable for working in harsh industrial environments.

The measurement time of the long-distance laser rangefinder is from 0.1s to 0.5s, and the distance from the measured object is from 0.5m to 700m. The distance to the surface of a natural object is 0.5 to 300m. The measurement is a diffuse reflection surface. Use the reflector to increase the measuring range, the distance should be from 0.5 to 3000m.

The long-distance laser rangefinder is compact and easy to operate, and it is equipped with standard interface tools. It has one analog output interface, two digital output interfaces and one serial interface for your choice.

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