The actual value and development prospect of laser rangefinder


Laser rangefinder, as the name suggests, is an instrument that uses laser to accurately measure the distance to a target. Because of its light weight, small size, simple and easy operation, etc., it is widely used in various fields such as mines, ports, and industrial measurement and control. So, how should we use laser rangefinders?

Since the laser is a high-intensity radiation device of the light source, it can cause harm to the human body, especially to the human eye, so it should be used with care. There are uniform international standards for laser classification and safety warning signs, which can be divided into four categories. The first class laser is safe for people, the second class laser is slightly more harmful to people, and the third class and above lasers are serious to people, so please be extra careful when using it.

With the production of commercial semiconductor laser diodes by European and American companies, the actual use value of lasers has made revolutionary progress. In particular, Peninsula laser technology has matured. Judging from the current development speed, the prospects are very promising. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, high conversion efficiency, high reliability, simple driving power, low power consumption, direct modulation, safe use, low price, simple structure, etc. It is widely used in laser printing, optical storage, and laser phototypesetting. , Laser ranging, barcode scanning, test and measurement equipment, industrial testing, medical equipment, laser display, military, security, field testing, building scanning and marking