What are the types of infrared rangefinders and how to use infrared rangefinders


Infrared rangefinder refers to laser infrared rangefinder, which uses infrared light to perform precise range measurement. It has been widely used in terrain surveying, battlefield surveying and other fields. Infrared rangefinders are divided into two types: handheld and telescope. They use the principle of non-diffusion during infrared transmission. The price and performance of the infrared rangefinder match, generally around a few hundred yuan. The infrared rangefinder can be measured by pressing the button of the machine to lock the target when in use. Note that it is best to measure during the day and avoid things such as looking directly at the launch port. Let's take a look at the infrared rangefinder together!

What are the types of infrared rangefinders

1. Handheld laser infrared rangefinder

The measuring distance is generally within 200 meters, and the accuracy is about 2mm. This is currently the most widely used laser infrared rangefinder. In addition to measuring the distance, it can generally calculate the volume of the measured object.

2. Telescope laser infrared rangefinder

The measuring distance is generally about 600-3000 meters. This type of infrared rangefinder measures a long distance, but the accuracy is relatively low, and the accuracy is generally about 1 meter. The main application range is long-distance measurement in the field. The telescope laser infrared rangefinder is a long-distance laser infrared rangefinder, which is widely used outdoors at present. The telescope laser infrared rangefinder has accurate measurement and fast response speed.

Infrared rangefinder application

Infrared rangefinders are widely used in terrain surveying, battlefield surveying, tanks, aircrafts, ships and artillery to the target range, measuring the height of clouds, aircraft, missiles and satellites. It is an important technical equipment to improve the accuracy of high tanks, aircraft, ships and artillery. As the price of laser infrared rangefinders continues to drop, the industry has gradually begun to use laser infrared rangefinders, which can be widely used in industrial measurement and control, mines, ports and other fields.

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The working principle of infrared rangefinder

Infrared rangefinders mainly use the principle of non-diffusion when infrared rays are propagating. Since infrared rays pass through many substances, the refractive index is much lower than that of ordinary light. Therefore, many ranging tools need to carry out long-distance targets. Infrared is used in measurement. You must know that the transmission of infrared is also necessary. The main principle of infrared rangefinder is the time when infrared is emitted from the rangefinder and is reflected by the reflector, and then the transmission of infrared is considered comprehensively. Speed, you can accurately calculate the distance to the target.

The frequency f of the modulation signal generated by the main control oscillator (ie the main oscillator) is amplified and then added to the GaAs light-emitting tube, and the infrared modulated light is emitted through current modulation, and then emitted from the transmitting optical system to the mirror of the mirror station, and after reflection , The return light is received by the receiving optical system, reaches the silicon photodiode, undergoes photoelectric conversion, and obtains a high-frequency ranging signal. In an automated infrared rangefinder, a logic instruction circuit is provided for program control.

The novel rangefinder developed in recent years also uses a microprocessor system, which can not only complete the above-mentioned program control, but also develop a variety of other automatic test functions, including various methods of ranging, reduction, and self-testing. , It is very convenient to use.

Infrared rangefinder price

The price of the rangefinder corresponds to the distance that can be measured, and there is a gap between brands. The price of infrared range finder ranges from a few hundred yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course the price will vary. If you want to know more about the price details, please refer to the local distributors!

How to use infrared rangefinder

1. Put the infrared rangefinder in front of you and press the red triangle button on the machine with your right hand. This is to lock the target to be ranged.

2. Press the red triangle button again to observe the precise distance between ourselves and the target, and the display screen on the machine will also show the value of the distance.

Precautions for the use of infrared rangefinder

1. Since the accuracy of the infrared rangefinder has a certain relationship, it is best to measure during the day.

2. Nowadays, many infrared rangefinders have been configured more efficiently with lasers. Therefore, we must refer to the opinions in the instrument manual when using them. That would cause great damage to the eyes.

3. When measuring in the field, the launching port of the instrument cannot be overlapped with the sun, as this will cause great damage to the photosensitive element of the instrument.

4. It should also be noted here that the infrared rangefinders currently on the market generally do not have the waterproof function, so pay attention to the waterproofing of the machine during use.

5. For the construction industry, no error of a single cent is allowed, otherwise it may cause a big loss in the end because of a little error. So choose a highly accurate handheld infrared rangefinder to get the most accurate value.

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