Are you still using tape measures for indoor and outdoor decoration? Learn about laser rangefinders


Indoor and outdoor decoration has always been a relatively popular industry. The demand for new house decoration and old house renovation has clustered industry enthusiasm. Decoration is more than just construction. If you want a good effect, it takes time and effort from design to completion.

As we all know, house decoration is first of all design, and design requires room measurement. Only by knowing the layout area of the room can a better design plan. Old-fashioned room measurement equipment: tape measure, angle ruler, paper and pencil calculation, and some areas It has to be estimated, and this process takes a long time.

In the development of science and technology, a lot of high-tech equipment has been clustered. For decoration projects, laser rangefinders have also appeared. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of measurement, but also improves the accuracy of measurement. The area of the rangefinder itself is calculated as well. Volume calculation, Pythagorean measurement, etc. are also more convenient and direct, and errors in manual calculation are avoided, so are you still using tape measures for indoor and outdoor decoration? Learn about laser rangefinders~~

I am worried that there are many branded rangefinders on the market. For the purchase suggestion or to purchase the manufacturer’s brand, there is a guarantee and after-sales service. Because it is an electronic product, it must be repaired and replaced when a malfunction occurs. It can also be changed by choosing a manufacturer. Good to avoid this problem.