How to choose a ranging telescope


Online sales are generally called e-commerce. Now there are various e-commerce platforms, and there are many online shops for rangefinder telescopes. But the more confusing thing is the choice. You can't see the real object, the pictures are very beautiful, and everything is said. Well, a few hundred yuan or a few thousand yuan is good for looking at pictures and descriptions. How to choose your ideal product?

1. Price is a very important criterion for selection, you get what you pay for. Now the market is very transparent. Although the market is chaotic and the prices are chaotic, the prices cannot be deceived. Cheap ones are not good, and good ones are not cheap. This is the truth that will never be certified. Don't just look at promises, don't just look at boasting.

2. Price and quality: A genuine 10x50 telescope, made in China, and a regular optical factory, if the range finding telescope can be used, the price should be at least about 300 yuan. The 100-yuan range-finder telescope is the products of military telescopes that are sold on the street. It should be available for 30-50 yuan. The taste is great, the magnification is not enough, and the edge definition is not high.

3. An 8x25 small-caliber rangefinder telescope is at least 100-200 yuan, and it is not reliable if it is as low as 50 yuan. You don't need to look at how beautiful his photos are. You can't believe how good they are.

4. Try not to choose a variable magnification rangefinder telescope, even if it is a variable magnification, do not choose a large-scale variable magnification, generally 7-18 times, 8-20 times is sufficient, and the aperture must be above 40 mm.

5. It is better not to choose high magnification when using the binocular rangefinder telescope by yourself, 7 times, 8 times, and 10 times are enough, and then the magnification is about 12 times and 16 times.

Choose a formal company with good after-sales service. Don’t just look at the good reviews, and then see if there are bad reviews or bad reviews. A company and shop cannot be satisfactory to everyone, and shops that are well-reviewed are not reliable. Especially merchants who buy cheap goods are even less credible.