What are the misunderstandings in the purchase of laser rangefinders


A laser rangefinder is an instrument that uses a certain parameter of the modulated laser to measure the distance to a target. The measuring range of the laser rangefinder is generally 3~5000 meters.

The principle of ranging can basically be attributed to the measurement of the time required for the laser to go back and forth to the target, and then the distance d is calculated by the speed of light c=299792458m/s and the atmospheric refraction coefficient n. Because it is difficult to directly measure the time, the phase of continuous wave is usually measured, which is called a phase laser rangefinder.

Laser rangefinders are divided into handheld laser rangefinders and outdoor laser rangefinders.

1. Hand-held laser rangefinder: The measuring distance is generally within 100 meters, and the accuracy is about 2mm. This kind of laser rangefinder is generally used for indoor measurement, commonly known as indoor laser rangefinder.

2. Outdoor laser rangefinder: The distance measurement is relatively far, the general measurement range is about 3-2000 meters, and the maximum range is about 10 kilometers. Due to the collimation requirements of the ranging telescope, the blind area is below 3 meters, and the laser telescope above 2000 meters generally uses YAG laser with a wavelength of 1.064 microns. In order to achieve a larger measurement range, the laser power is larger, and the main application range is outdoor long-distance measurement. Engineering, municipal, electric power, environmental surveys.

So, what are the misunderstandings when buying a laser rangefinder?

1. When many customers buy laser rangefinders, they always feel that the measuring distance is similar. Why is the price difference so big? Buy a cheap one. A few hundred yuan is enough. There is no need to buy too expensive.

In fact, this is a wrong approach. Any product is one price, one product, cheap is not good. Inferior products are mostly produced by small workshops, with rough workmanship and ugly appearance. The important thing is that the ranging is inaccurate and there is a problem of false standard. It says 1500 yards, it may not even reach 1000 yards. In addition, the laser in the low-quality laser rangefinder may cause great damage to the human eye, and even more serious may directly lead to blindness. Just imagine, would you dare to use such a product that does not meet the production standards? Don't pick up sesame seeds and throw away watermelon. When buying such products, don't be greedy for small bargains and suffer big losses.

2. Many customers also said to measure two objects at the same distance. Why is the measurement effect different?

In fact, the larger the target, the flatter the surface, the more reflected beams, the easier it is to be received by the laser rangefinder, and the better the effect; the lighter the target color, the better the reflection effect, and the easier it is to reflect more laser beams. The reason is that the darker target is easier to absorb light, the darker the color, the more the laser beam is absorbed by the target, the less the reflection, the worse the effect.