What are the types of high-precision laser rangefinders


The laser rangefinder uses a laser as a light source for distance measurement. Can be divided into continuous laser and pulsed laser. Because the laser has the characteristics of good monochromaticity and strong directionality, coupled with the integration of electronic circuit semiconductors, the laser rangefinder can not only work day and night, but also improve the ranging accuracy, significantly reducing weight and power consumption.

Hand-held laser rangefinder.

The measuring distance is generally within 200 meters, and the accuracy is about 2mm. This is currently the most widely used laser rangefinder. In addition to the energy measurement distance, the volume of the measurement object can generally be calculated.


Telescope laser rangefinder.

The measuring distance is generally about 600-3000 meters. This type of rangefinder measures a longer distance, but the accuracy is low, and the accuracy is generally about 1 meter. The main application range is long-distance measurement in the field.

Industrial laser rangefinder.

The measuring distance is about 0.5-3000 meters, and the accuracy is within 50mm. A reflector should be added outside 300 meters. Some products can measure the speed while measuring the distance. Mainly used for position control, such as vehicles and ships; positioning cranes; loading and unloading and handling equipment; aircraft measurement, mainly measuring flying height; metallurgical process control; measuring objects that should not be approached, such as pipeline filling, pipelines, containers, and water level measurement.

The measurement accuracy of our company's industrial laser rangefinder is generally 0.1mm, and the high accuracy is 0.01mm. It is generally used for short-distance laser ranging. For details, please consult our professional laser rangefinder company to recommend suitable production parameters for you.