What are the rules for the use of golf laser rangefinders


At present, the rangefinder has been widely used in golf courses. Due to its high technology content, it can accurately measure the relative distance. Therefore, it has a wide range of specifications in some countries and must be used in accordance with the regulations. , Especially foreign countries have very strict requirements on it. The usage rules of the following rangefinders are as follows?

First, rely on local golf rules.

According to relevant regulations formulated by the United States Golf Association a few years ago, the local committee may allow the use of manual measuring instrument functions under very limited conditions. The locator emphasized that one of these committees pointed out that the establishment of local regulations, in the case of distance measurement equipment, design evaluation or other situations that may affect the performance of athletes, establish local regulations that allow athletes to use equipment, such as ladders, wind speed, temperature, etc.

Second, the measurement rules of the spherical rangefinder.

The rules associated with golf clearly pointed out in the ruling of the United States Golf Association that if the rangefinder does not meet the requirements for measuring the range, one of the rules would be violated. The rangefinder company emphasized that in addition to the establishment of a local rules committee. The key to using distance measuring instruments is to use artificial instruments, so if they walk down their lens to measure the distance of the players, it will not be considered a violation.

3. Regulations on the use of scorecards and other equipment.

When using a pencil or scorecard device, pay attention to the distance between the scorecard or the pencil. Players can compare the height marks of the rangefinder to measure the distance. Since the scorecard or pencil is not considered to be an artificial device, it does not violate the corresponding regulations.