Is the mini laser rangefinder easy to use? Where can I buy a laser rangefinder?


As a traditional measuring tool, tape measure also has some drawbacks. First, many small and precise positions are not easy to measure; second, the tape measure is generally 3 to 5 meters in the range, which can be used for small spaces, but it can measure 5 meters. The above distance cannot be completed. Thirdly, the most important thing is to record data with pen and paper while measuring. To this end, I recently started with a lightweight and intelligent laser rangefinder that can be mastered in one hand, which is called a "modern tape measure".

It is a Maice mini laser rangefinder, with a metal shell, looks good and wearable, and is comfortable to hold. It can also allow a single person to achieve measurement within a range of 40m.

Compared with the tape measure, the Maice mini laser rangefinder has higher measurement accuracy and longer measurement distance. The data is synchronized in real time, eliminating the trouble of recording data while measuring, and the embarrassment of recording errors.

It is reported that in terms of accuracy, the Maice mini laser rangefinder adopts a dual-transmit and single-receive design, and the overall accuracy is controlled within 3mm.

In terms of operation, fingers can hold the triangle in this position of the Maice Mini Laser Rangefinder, and the data is clear and intuitive when you release it and press it. If there is too much data, even one person can record while measuring.

Whether it is a short daily distance or a long distance, holding the Maice Mini Laser Rangefinder can accurately and quickly measure and record data. In actual experience, I found that this rangefinder is not only more convenient for measurement, but also more accurate than a tape measure in the measured data. Especially the measurement feedback time is very fast, in a short time, what you see is what you get.

In appearance, the body is made of matte black aluminum alloy, and the front is equipped with a high-brightness LCD screen. Most of the display area is used to display measurement data, in addition to laser status, power, Bluetooth, and last measurement data. And other information.

The back of the fuselage is very simple, with a back clip, which is also very recognizable. The body has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can test 3000 sets of data with a full charge.

A 380mAh lithium battery can test 3000 sets of data on a single charge, and Muxi may not be able to test so many data in this life. On the other side of the fuselage is a safety reminder sticker. The net weight of the whole machine is 40g, and it is a fairly regular cuboid, and there is no pressure to carry it out daily.

There are two laser lenses on the top of the Maice Mini Laser Rangefinder, the left one is the laser receiving lens, and the right one is the laser emitting lens. The bottom of the fuselage adopts the Android charging port, which can be used for charging devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Of course, the power bank can also be easily handled, and the biggest advantage of using the Android port is that it can share the charging cable according to various electronic products at home. Don’t bother to distinguish between pros and cons.

It is worthy of praise that in the Maice APP, the Maice mini laser rangefinder can realize data synchronization/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan surveying and mapping, drawing sharing and many other functions.

In terms of outer packaging, the product continues the simple design style of Mijia as always, with two layers of packaging inside and outside, which are safe and reliable. With the pull-out design, all the accessories of the product can be easily taken out.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the Mijia smart laser rangefinder, there are also data cables, manuals, and quick operation guide cards.

In summary, the Maice mini laser rangefinder has an exquisite appearance design, a mini compact shape, plus support for charging, real-time data synchronization, adding notes to facilitate distinction, improving overall portability and operating pleasure.

If you are considering starting with an excellent smart laser rangefinder, Maice mini laser rangefinder will be a good choice. Whether it is from the perspective of performance, function or humanization, we are measuring and calculating with it. The efficiency of sharing will also increase, and it is worthy of being added to the shopping list.