The use method and precautions of laser rangefinder


A laser rangefinder is an instrument that uses lasers to accurately measure the distance to a target. This is a new distance measuring tool that can replace the traditional tape measure. Today, the network editor will introduce the use of laser rangefinder and precautions.

Laser rangefinder operation steps.

1. Battery loading/replacement.

Press and hold the removal button, push to the left, and remove the back cover.

Open the battery compartment cover and install or replace the battery.

When the battery power is too low, the signal will be displayed on the screen. Install the batteries according to the correct polarity. Only alkaline batteries can be used.

Insert the back cover along the slot until it clicks into place. When the instrument is not used for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid its attenuation.

2. Turn on/off the rangefinder.

Short press the red READ button, the display will show the light, battery level and buzzer until a work order is issued. The instrument can be turned off at any time in any menu. When no key is pressed within 150 seconds, the instrument will automatically shut down.

3. Clear key (red off/clear).

The clear key can return the instrument to normal mode, which means it will return to the zero position. The clear key can be used before or after measurement/calculation. In a certain function (area or volume), you can use the clear key to return to the previous command and perform a new measurement.

4. Set the measurement reference edge.

Press the measurement reference selection key until the desired measurement reference edge appears. The setting of the measurement reference edge will not change before reset or shutdown. When the fixed baffle under the instrument is opened, the instrument will automatically identify the measurement reference edge and set the measurement reference edge to obtain the correct measurement value. Manufacturer setting: The measurement reference edge is the back edge.

The operating steps and precautions of the laser rangefinder.

5. Measure.

5.1 Single distance measurement.

Press the READ key, turn on the laser beam, aim the instrument at the target to be measured, and press the READ key again. The measured distance data will be immediately displayed on the display in the specified unit.

5.2 Small value/large value measurement.

This function can measure small and large distances from a fixed point, and measure the separation distance.

Press and hold the READ key until you hear a beep. After that, the instrument enters the continuous measurement mode, and then slowly sweeps the laser back and forth on the target.

Press the READ key again to terminate the continuous measurement mode, and the measured large or small distance will be displayed in the main display area of the screen.

6. Function.

6.1 Increase/decrease

Follow the steps below to add or subtract the measured value: measurement/-measurement/-measurement/-.=result. The same method can add or subtract area and volume.

6.2 Area

Press the area/volume key once to measure the area. Take two necessary measurements, and the corresponding results will be displayed on the screen.

Volume 6.3

Press the area/volume key twice to measure the volume, and the corresponding icon will be displayed on the display. Perform three necessary measurements, and the corresponding results will be displayed on the screen.

The operating steps and precautions of the laser rangefinder.

6.4 Indirect measurement

This instrument can calculate distance according to Pythagoras's law. This function is suitable for measuring unsuitable for direct measurement or dangerous edges.

(1) This method is only used to measure distance and cannot replace accurate measurement.

Determine the order of measuring edges.

All measurement points must be perpendicular or parallel to the plane.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, the instrument is rotated from a fixed point to perform the measurement.

6.5 Save constant/measured value Save constant/measured value.

6.5.1 Storage constants.

You can save a frequently used recall value. Measure the required distance, press and hold the save button until you hear a beep, at which time the required value is saved.

6.5.2 Recall constants.

Press the save button to call up the constant, which can be used for calculation.

6.5.3 Delay measurement.

Press and hold the timer button, the corresponding time flashes on the screen. Press the /- key to adjust the required delay time, and then press the READ key, the countdown will start until the measured value is displayed on the display.

Precautions for using laser rangefinder.

1. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when installing the battery, and only use alkaline batteries.

2. During the measurement, do not aim the laser of the machine at the sun or eyes, and do not illuminate the eyes through reflective surfaces (such as specular reflection).

3. Handle with care when using, and avoid placing it in places with excessive humidity, high temperature or direct sunlight.

4. The sunlight is too strong, the ambient temperature fluctuates too much, and the reflection effect of the reflecting surface is weak. When the battery power is low, the measurement result will have a big error. In this case, use it with the target reflector.