High-speed laser rangefinder can measure the speed of vehicles


Vehicle height measuring equipment on expressways is usually installed at toll gates, because vehicles at toll gates stay for a short time, and the vehicle height measuring instruments used at toll gates are usually low-interest laser rangefinders. The height of certain vehicles entering and leaving the station meets the standard, but some drivers will do some speculative activities on the highway to increase the hidden danger of traffic accidents. Z is near, and in some places, three large trucks are found to be dangerous. In order to save gasoline, the driver of a large truck was driven by two other overlapping trucks on the highway, which made other drivers feel scared. In order to prevent this from happening, the transportation department decided to install a height measurement system in sections on the expressway.

Cars on the highway are driving at high speed, and ordinary laser rangefinders cannot complete the task of height measurement. Lin Yangzhi can use a high-frequency laser rangefinder to solve the problem of expressway height measurement. The frequency of the high-frequency laser rangefinder is 100 to 2000 Hz. According to the speed of the scene, Lin Yangzhi can choose a 200Hz laser rangefinder. The 200Hz frequency is a laser that can continuously measure and emit 200 data within 1 second. The data processor can even measure its height on a 200m/s highway.