What are the applications of laser rangefinders in the military?


Now, the continuous innovation, integration and improvement of the super battlefield command system has the ability to provide excellent command and control to the soldiers in the theater. It is leading the change of battlefield culture and providing various resources for wartime. It can effectively use various factors and adaptive skills in the current battlefield environment, and has the ability to quickly adapt and arrange in the dynamic environment and planned software and hardware strategic conditions, so as to better support the use of tactics. High-tech warfare requires high skills, and the use of laser rangefinders with many updated skills has played a huge role.


If the electric sighting system is used in conjunction with a laser rangefinder, it can improve the anti-interference ability of the fire control system, find targets in radio silence, and increase the power of maneuvering air combat at close intervals by 50%.

There are also 730 anti-missile phalanx. The gun is a 7-barrel 30mm Gatling gun with a modular structure. The gun mount has an EFR-1I band tracking radar and an OFC3 photoelectric tracking system of the Huazhong Institute of Optoelectronics Technology. OFC3 photoelectric tracking system includes: 1 thermal phase meter, 1 TV camera. 1 laser rangefinder. The target exploration interval of RCS 2 is 15KM, and the target exploration interval of RCS 10 is 20KM. This type is an external-powered rotating barrel gun, which consists of 7 rigidly connected barrels and a breech. Each barrel has its own breech block, which can be fired continuously through an external motor. Since the working hours of each barrel overlap, it has the characteristics of stable fire rate, long barrel life, and advanced reliability.