Analysis on the development status and development of laser ranging instrument


With the rapid changes in market demand and the rapid development of technology, laser ranging instrument companies still have a long way to go to adjust their structure, especially my country vigorously promotes energy saving, emission reduction and green economy, modern manufacturing, clean energy, large aircraft, ocean engineering, smart grid Although there are great opportunities for market demand in emerging industries such as special projects, urban rail transit, and people’s livelihood, due to the drastic changes, the task of adjusting the structure of the industry is still very arduous.

At present, my country's existing automation and systems are still dominated by simulation, with many general products and few products with high technical content and high value-added. According to statistics from relevant experts, among more than 7,000 major varieties, digital and intelligent products account for only 20.5%. The domestic transmitter level is in the middle and low grade, with a small range, few functions, and mainly analog and non-intelligent types. The reliability index MTBF is 30,000 hours, while the foreign MTBF is more than 80,000 hours. The reliability technical indicators of most actuators are 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than those of foreign countries.

In addition, the accuracy of scientific testing instruments is mostly 0.5-1 level lower than that of similar foreign products, and the reliability index MTBF of most products is within the range of 2000-3000 hours, which is less than half of that of similar foreign products. The laser ranging instrument industry presents the characteristics of less application of new technologies, low level of intelligence, fewer types of application software, and incomplete accessories.

It is understood that in the next five years, the entire industry will vigorously promote corporate restructuring and actively cultivate three industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Chongqing and Bohai Rim, forming 3 to 5 companies with over 10 billion yuan in sales and companies with sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. Over a hundred. The development direction of the industry in various fields Although the structure of the laser ranging instrument industry is unreasonable, there is no shortage of bright spots in the industry. In 2011, the growth of automation output value in my country's industry was 10% higher than the average, and the profit rate of main business reached 10%. Some high-end products were recognized by domestic customers through "export to domestic sales".

The laser rangefinder sensor has entered the era of networking and miniaturization. In the context of the rapid development of computers and the Internet to the entire world, laser rangefinders have also begun to advance to the network. At the same time, laser rangefinders have developed in a small direction, just like the development of computers, a small chip is Can store tens of thousands of commands. This is not only a reduction in volume, but also an increase in the accuracy of the laser ranging instrument. The error does not affect the production needs.