Does the laser rangefinder work well during the day?


In an instant, it was sunlight and strong summer. Mr. Wang from the decoration industry in Wuhan found that the rangefinder in the store became increasingly inaccurate. Is it really difficult to use rangefinder outdoor glare during the day? What is the reason?

This kind of problem is often raised in the rangefinder industry, mainly because the user does not know the principle and the communication between the manufacturer and the user is not in place.

The current long-distance laser rangefinders on the market, which is what we often call range-finding telescopes, are developed based on the principle of pulsed lasers, which use the time spent by laser light waves to measure distances. According to the characteristics of this pulsed laser, so:

1. The larger the target object, the more light waves reflected, the easier it is to be received by the machine, and the better the effect;

2. The flatter the surface of the target object, the more light waves reflected, and the easier it is to be received by the machine; the better the effect;

3. The lighter the color of the target object, the better the reflection effect on the light wave, the easier it is to reflect back, the more light waves the machine receives; the darker the target absorbs the light, the darker the reflection of the light wave will be reduced. In summer, we wear black clothes in the sun, because black absorbs light and feels hotter than white clothes in the sun.

4. If the air is foggy or heavy, it will hinder the return of light waves and affect the measurement distance. Therefore, the better the air quality, the better the measurement effect.

5. The influence of strong light on the measurement. The rangefinder designed based on the principle of pulsed laser must use the 905 wavelength, which coincides with the 905 wavelength in the sun's rays. If the sunlight is strong and dazzling, it will interfere with the return light waves and weaken the measuring range of the machine.