What is the future development direction of industrial laser rangefinders


In recent years, with the upgrading of domestic industries, the field of industrial automation has shown strong vitality. Laser rangefinders have also become a popular instrument product in the field of industrial automation. So in the next development process, if the industrial laser rangefinder wants to have a clearer development period, where is its main direction?

First of all, in terms of market demand, many domestic industries are in the fields of instrumentation, steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, and medical equipment. The industry has approached or surpassed Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, but as a high-tech product, the application of laser rangefinders is far from the utilization rate of developed countries.

Secondly, in terms of industrial foundation, there are more than 1,000 domestic enterprises and research institutions related to laser rangefinders, some of which have formed a certain scale and have a good industrialization foundation. However, overall, domestic laser rangefinder manufacturers are still in a state of disorderly development and market competition is fierce. There are no manufacturers of laser rangefinders in the world, and no leading companies, which reduces the competitiveness of the domestic laser rangefinder industry in the international market.

In terms of technical support, the new development direction of laser rangefinder technology mainly includes miniaturization, compounding, and data. Composite means that the laser rangefinder can contain multiple functions, which can be achieved by using micromachining technology to build multiple sensor modules on a chip, or by combining and packaging multiple or multiple laser rangefinders in some way to realise.

I believe that in the near future, the development of industrial laser rangefinders will be a vigorous upward trend. Technology upgrades will also become the highlight of the entire industry.