What exactly are rangefinders included and how are they classified?


How to choose rangefinders in different industries? What points should be paid attention to when purchasing?

Many industries need measuring instruments, I don’t know how to choose, and not all rangefinders are suitable for the measurement industry.

Several points to consider when choosing a rangefinder in different industries:

1. Measuring range

2. Measurement accuracy

3. Measurement mode

4. Measuring principle

It is basically divided into the following situations:

a) The measurement distance is not long, it is mostly used indoors, and the accuracy is high!

Suggestion-"Handheld laser rangefinder" can be purchased.

Recommendation-MILEEEY handheld infrared laser rangefinder with multiple modes: length, area, square, Pythagorean theorem, level meter, one machine with all functions in hand, suitable for home measurement and decoration

Advantages-the handheld laser rangefinder is most suitable for indoor use, and the measurement accuracy and effect are very good!

Disadvantages-due to infrared laser emission, if it encounters strong light, easy refraction, penetration, it will affect the effect, or the data will not be read (outdoor, water depth measurement, outdoor is not recommended)

(If the user needs to detect in an outdoor environment, it is recommended to be equipped with a professional laser sight and reflector, and use them in combination to achieve the expected range and effect.)

b) The measurement distance is far, mostly used for outdoor use

Suggestion-buy "MILESEEY telescope laser rangefinder", (ie: laser rangefinder telescope)

Features-both a telescope and a rangefinder! With multiple observation magnifications, the user can easily aim at the target for range measurement by simply using the cross sighting system inside the eyepiece! Uses a transparent infrared laser that is harmless to the eyes Transmitting and receiving, can accurately measure the target distance, its size is small, light and easy to carry!