How to solve the problem of design decoration with laser rangefinder


In daily life, interior designers and architects often face a problem, that is, in the process of design and decoration, they feel headache due to various measurement difficulties or safety risks. Now, laser rangefinders can solve similar problems for you, and can easily measure the distance or length of objects.

The handheld laser rangefinder can help you in stairwells, elevators and other places where you can't directly touch the measurement target. It can replace the traditional box ruler to save manpower. Laser rangefinder is a high-performance handheld rangefinder newly launched in recent years. It can measure 0.05~200 meters, the measurement accuracy is 1-1.5mm, the measurement speed is fast, the use is convenient, the design is compact, and it is convenient to carry. With this kind of laser rangefinder, when measuring the volume of a house or stairwell, a lifting platform or a telescopic ladder is no longer needed, and the reading can be accurately measured within a few seconds.

In traditional measurement, there are potential safety hazards in places that cannot be approached for measurement. The laser rangefinder has a red laser spot, which allows you to clearly know where the measuring point is. All measurement work can only be done by one person, no other tools (such as ladders, etc.) are required. , It can even easily handle unreachable places to prevent accidents from accidents. In addition, in addition to the pocket and portable design, the rangefinder also has a length addition and subtraction function, so there is no need to curl up on the ground to measure the ceiling. With a large LCD backlit display, this laser rangefinder can easily read measurement data while aiming at the target. With a laser rangefinder, one person can work at twice the speed of conventional methods.