What are the applications of handheld laser rangefinders in life?


1. The laser rangefinder is suitable for traffic police in cases.

Understand that the new laser rangefinder of the Traffic Administration can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of the traffic accident site investigation, and will be widely used in traffic police, which shows that the traffic police will bid farewell to the long-term use of tape measures. Measure the backward state of the traffic accident scene.

In the handling of traffic accidents, the measurement of the accident site is a very important link. This is the key to determining the speed of accidents and the degree of crisis. Traffic police can handle laser ranging. The instrument can slightly aim at the target and repair the traffic accident scene data. The laser rangefinder is used as auxiliary equipment of the traffic accident site surveying and mapping system. On-site measurement data and related information are automatically input to the portable computer through the Bluetooth wireless communication mode. The computer's high-speed data operation and graphic processing functions are used to quickly and accurately describe standard and accurate traffic accidents. The automatic generation of on-site scale maps and on-site survey transcripts greatly improves the measurement speed and accuracy. In actual measurement, the indirect measurement function of the laser rangefinder can better reflect the advantages of some places that cannot be directly measured or reached. The laser rangefinder is small in size, light in weight and convenient. carry. The measurement range is 0.05 meters to 80 meters, and the measurement accuracy is plus or minus 1.5 mm.

2. Hand-held laser range finder is used for house measurement and acceptance.

House surveying has always been the concern and effort of the house management department. The residential area map is directly used as the drawing of the property right certificate and has legal effect.

It is not only directly facing the people, but also directly related to the people's economic interests. Therefore, it is particularly important to control the measurement error of the house. According to past practice, measuring construction area and usable area with tape measure or steel tape can meet the basic requirements. However, in the remote measurement, the measurement layer is required to be high, and the measurement error that is difficult to reach the ground is large, and there are shortcomings such as high labor intensity and complex work. In the rapid development of today's high technology, this primitive and traditional measurement method obviously does not meet the rapid and effective requirements of today's information society.

In order to avoid disputes in people's lives, a room and a test are indispensable. One room and one test for house inspection agencies or house inspectors, the surge in workload and delivery time have improved the efficiency of house inspections. Require. For example, the spatial dimension error in the home acceptance project puts forward higher requirements for measurement accuracy, so necessary instruments such as laser rangefinders have become indispensable.

The laser rangefinder is especially suitable for measuring complex structures and mid-to-high-rise and long-distance buildings. Easy to use, accurate measurement data (1.5mm accuracy), improve work efficiency (non-contact measurement), completely discard the tape (or steel tape), reduce measurement errors, ensure the accuracy of area measurement, and make the owner more convincing.

3. Home, engineering decoration.

In the home decoration and tooling design stage, it is necessary to evaluate and calculate the amount and cost of various construction materials in advance to calculate the general cost, and purchase according to the calculated amount, such as house floors, floor tiles, cabinet boards, water pipes, pipes, and cable lengths. , Paint area, etc. ; During the construction process, the installation of the ventilation heating system and electrical facilities can be quickly completed by the laser rangefinder.