Understand the functions of the gold rangefinder


What is the role of the gold rangefinder? It starts with an understanding of golf. Golf is a sport that tests high precision. In dozens of acres of open land, it is not easy to hit a ball into a hole with a diameter of only 4.25 inches, even if it is a needle in a haystack. The charm is here. Although the road ahead is long, when the white ball reaches the successful "other shore", the 18th hole is conquered by Yiyi, and a sense of pride and satisfaction emerges spontaneously! Therefore, if you want to be accurate, you must learn to judge the distance!

When you are playing, you know the exact distance and you can choose the right club according to your situation. This is very important for the performance of the show. In addition to backpacks, the most important function of professional caddies is to judge distance, help players choose clubs, and help golfers. So as an "amateur two knives", what should I do if there is no professional caddie?

Some people say that golf courses have distance indicators and yardage piles. However, due to the fluctuation of the course, the position of the flagpole inserted into the green, the blind area of the golfer, etc., your judgment is often far from the actual situation! At this time, "if you want to do something well, you must first sharpen your tools" becomes particularly important. The times are developing, and technology is advancing! The combination of sports and technology allows athletes to become beneficiaries. The "black technology" that promotes the development of golf continues to emerge. The golden rangefinder is very representative.