Don't underestimate the thermal imaging camera's ability to protect you this winter


Never underestimate the thermal imaging camera's ability to protect you this winter. When the Omicron epidemic is raging, the portable infrared technology in your hands is likely to be your savior, and controlling it may be a difficult task. Let us prevent Omicron (or any variant of the virus) is the role of thermal imaging cameras.

Although thermal imaging cameras cannot cure you, electronic devices can play a central role in preventing the new coronavirus from invading your body. Its ability to detect potentially infected people around is not only fast but also effective.

In fact, in addition to above-average temperature readings, there are many symptoms of COVID-19. But as the WHO said, the most common symptom is fever. Therefore, not interacting with people with fever is one of the best ways to prevent infection.

Designed to detect fever

If the virus shows us one thing, then its ability to infect human hosts at a dizzying rate is the most important. It is jaw-dropping to imagine how fast this infectious disease has spread across the world from the first day.

Thermal imaging cameras are so useful because many thermal imaging cameras today are designed for fever detection. In short, not all thermal imaging cameras are designed for this. Although many thermal imaging cameras have been used for various human pursuits over the years—from detecting the birth of stars to helping to extinguish fires—returning body heat to zero is another matter entirely.

Now, you must keep in mind that when it comes to temperature sensing, there is nothing better than the safety provided by thermal imaging cameras. Unlike traditional mercury thermometers or industrial temperature sensors (for example, thermocouples), you do not need to have direct contact with a person to get his thermal readings. In short, you are fully capable of long-distance detection.

Even better, you have more than just ordinary thermal imaging equipment here. Equipped with advanced chip technology, you have a device that can detect small changes in recording time.

It should be noted that the accuracy level of body temperature detection is 0.6°F or 0.3°C. This is very high accuracy.

Effective crowd control

One of the most difficult things when running a business is to ensure the safety of everyone. No wonder many institutions today ensure that various thermal imaging cameras are guarding their entrances.

Therefore, the deeper question is whether they are confident with the equipment to do the job? It is one thing to be able to detect a passing person; it is another to detect the people who enter your store premises together.

In addition, you can easily set up this thermal imaging device almost anywhere. A convenient 23-gram electronic device (about the same weight as 3 pens) can be easily mounted on a tripod with the ready-to-use tripod mount.

But this is only for beginners. Here is an automatic crowd sensing thermometer. Thermal imaging cameras are capable of higher skin detection, and can take temperature readings in the hottest area of a person's skin-whether it's his hand, forehead or bare skin.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about letting enthusiasts into the store. The thermal imager will protect your place with an eagle eye: very suitable for schools, shopping malls, airports and commercial centers.

Automatic alarm

Now, you may be wondering if you must attach great importance to your thermal imaging equipment to make it work. This is where it becomes very interesting. AutoNavi Infrared is a company that has sold some of the best IoT devices and industrial temperature sensors to the world for many years. It is providing you with a product that does not require high maintenance.

In short, you don't need to take care of this fever detection device to get the results you need. Why? It's just because it's the opposite. Once AutoNavi thermal imager detects high temperature, it will notify you through an alarm. Yes, what you heard is right. When a fever is detected, the device will alert you.

However, there is more. AutoNavi thermal imaging camera will not only remind you of possible discoveries, but also take pictures of feverish persons. This can only mean that you can not only track the presence of COVID-19 risks, but also know who the person is-all of this is done automatically.

The most important thing in this winter is not to relax your vigilance and always protect yourself.