What are the rules for the use of laser rangefinders


In today’s golf courses, laser rangefinders have been widely used. Because of the high-tech level of the instrument, it can measure relative distances very accurately. The application of laser rangefinders in some countries has extensive regulations and must be used in accordance with the regulations. , Especially abroad. What are the rules for the use of laser rangefinders?

What are the rules for the use of laser rangefinders?

Rely on local golf rules..

According to the relevant regulations of the United States Golf Association a few years ago, the local law and regulation association can allow the use of manual measurement equipment functions under very limited conditions. The laser rangefinder emphasized that one of the committees pointed out that the establishment of equipment measures or distances allowed to be used by players, but the distance measurement equipment used, design evaluation or measurement other conditions may affect player performance, such as ladders, wind speed, temperature, etc.

Rules for measuring distance between laser rangefinder and golf ball.

In the decision of the United States Golf Association, the rules for connecting golf balls clearly stated that failure of the laser rangefinder to measure shooting distance would violate one of the rules. The laser rangefinder company emphasized that in addition to the establishment of a local regulation committee. The key to using a laser rangefinder is to use artificial equipment, so if you walk down the lens to measure the distance between players, it will not be considered a violation of the rules.

3. Rules for the use of scorecards and other equipment.

The rules for using the pencil or scorecard device are closely related to the distance between the scorecard or pencil. Players can compare the height marks of the laser rangefinder to measure the distance. Because scorecards or pencils are not considered manual devices, they will not violate the corresponding rules.

The exception to laser rangefinders is that a pencil or scorecard is a special mark used to measure distance. In this case, the rules of laser rangefinders will be broken. In addition to the rules for using glasses, telescopes, and compasses, these are all aspects of the rules related to laser rangefinders. Under normal circumstances, as long as the telescope has no ranging function, it can be defined as not violating the rules, otherwise it is not allowed to use it at will.