What are the technical indicators for purchasing a golf laser rangefinder


When playing golf, sometimes the ball may be far away. If you want to get its position and distance accurately, there may be errors just by visual inspection. Therefore, you need to use a golf laser rangefinder to get accurate answers, so it is necessary to buy such a product. However, companies that import golf and rangefinders remind us to understand the following technical indicators when purchasing.

1. Selection of measuring range

When buying, know that you need to use it indoors or outdoors, because the distance measured between the two will be very different. If it is far, the company that imports the golf laser rangefinder suggests that you can choose a single-tube long-range rangefinder telescope. If you want to be farther away, you can also use an ultra-long-distance rangefinder telescope. According to the company that imported the rangefinder and golf, if the distance in the city is shorter than that in the city, there is no need to buy too long products, only the short-distance products of the rangefinder can be used.

2. Measurement accuracy

Under normal circumstances, the accuracy of laser rangefinders is very high. Imported from the golf laser rangefinder company has a gap of one meter, and some products can even reach a more accurate level. The well-known imported golf laser rangefinder company emphasizes that by using this product, it is easy to measure the horizontal distance, height and angle, and at the same time make the azimuth value; some products can be adjusted under different environmental conditions to meet the short or long distance Requirements for use.

Third, measure the angle

For example, imported from the golf laser rangefinder company, some products should have a built-in GPS receiver, which can obtain the specific position of the target object through the coordinates. There are also some products that specifically measure the ground conditions, even the distance can reach several kilometers. At the same time, the imported golf laser rangefinder company has emphasized that it has many additional functions, such as storage and data retrieval.