What is the application of laser rangefinder in house measurement


The application of laser rangefinders in house surveying has always been the focus and work of the house management department. The house measurement area map is directly used as the ownership certificate map and has legal effect. It is not only directly facing the people, but also directly related to the people's economic interests. Therefore, it is particularly important to control the measurement error of the house. In accordance with past habits, measuring the building area and usable area with a tape measure or steel tape measure can also meet the basic requirements. However, there are large errors in long-distance measurement, height measurement, and difficult-to-reach measurement, and there are shortcomings such as high labor intensity and complex work. Today, with the rapid development of high technology, primitive and traditional measurement methods have been used.

Therefore, after the introduction of two Leica handheld laser rangefinders, after several months of actual use, it is generally believed that the instrument is particularly suitable for the measurement of high-rise and long-distance buildings with complex structures. Easy to use, accurate measurement data (3 mm accuracy), improved work efficiency (non-contact measurement), completely abandoned a tape measure (or steel tape) to measure the house method, reduced measurement errors, and ensured the accuracy of area measurement. Make the owners more convinced. Of course, the instrument also has some areas that need to be improved urgently. For example, in strong sunlight, it is difficult to see long-distance target objects, and accessories such as telescopes are needed. In addition, it is more laborious to calibrate the liquid level for each measurement, and it is automatically calibrated.