What are the characteristics and uses of laser rangefinders?


Resource-rich China has abundant forestry resources. With the large-scale production brought about by reform and opening up, the important position of forestry in the national economy has become increasingly apparent, and the demand for commercial timber has surged. How to plan the development of forestry, measure higher-precision forestry resources, and more accurate forestry resource inspection and cataloging with the focus on timber sales have become an important issue for the forestry department. Laser surveying skills will help promote my country's forestry surveying skills into a new era.

Use a multifunctional laser measurement system.

(1) Interval measurement-Interval measurement is the main function of this instrument, which can directly display the horizontal interval or the inclined interval.

(2) Azimuth angle-can directly display the magnetic azimuth or relative azimuth of the measurement target.

(3) Tilt angle-can display tilt angle (vertical angle) or tilt percentage.

(4) Policy coordinate procedure-The function of the policy procedure is to measure the so-called addressing or stake (staking out) function, that is, input its coordinates (X, Y, Z) into the instrument of a known point, and the coordinates of the measurement direction can be displayed immediately for the measurement policy measurement .

(5) Height measurement-use the triangulation principle (pitch, elevation, horizontal interval) to measure the height of objects, including tree height, building height, etc.

(6) Measurement function-This instrument has another special function program, which can directly enter the measurement function, measurement operation, and actively store data such as direction angle, interval, tilt angle, etc., and can be input into a computer for accounting processing through PC software.

(7) Navigation function-due to the magnetic flux compass, it can be used as a navigation function.

Discussion on the application of forestry multifunctional laser measurement system.

(1) Multifunctional laser rangefinder combined with GPS.

At the beginning of Z, the introduction of multi-function laser range finder was mainly combined with GPS, that is, GPS cooperated with multi-function laser range finder to measure in restricted terrain areas.

Detailed application:

1. Inventory of leased land.

The combination of multifunctional laser rangefinder and GPS is not only fast, but also accurate. In addition, digital graphics files can also be input to a portable computer in advance and carried to the site for inspection and comparison operations.

2) Prohibition and inventory of illegal land cultivation.

The combination of laser rangefinders with GPS, GIS and their software, together with portable computers for environmental monitoring, is a popular research and operation project for academic organizations Z. In forestry, excessively cultivated land is prohibited and inspected, but since the use of GPS may be restricted by terrain, further research and testing are required. In addition, you can also combine digital cameras to take photos and archive illegal situations for prohibition.

3. Inventory of security forests outside the zone.

Currently, safety forest inspections outside the region use electronic tablets for inspection and stacking operations. However, due to insufficient triangle points, the inspection operation is often slow. If you can use the public grade GPS for layout, and then use the laser rangefinder for measurement, and use the policy coordinate program function for pile placement operation, the inspection operation should be speeded up and the graphic data operation should be reduced.

(2) Forest land survey.

Because the multifunctional laser measurement system combines laser ranging and electromagnetic digital compass, its ranging and angle measurement accuracy is much higher than that of the compass rope. It is actually a new instrument for forest surveying.

The advantages of using a multifunctional laser rangefinder for woodland surveying are:

1) Simple operation, fast measurement lock and high accuracy. The instrument can actively record data, computer transmission, no clerical errors.

2) Actively display the digital dashboard, no one can visually judge the error.

3) Save manpower and time.

4) With processing software, it can calculate the processing of points, lines, lines, closure difference, area, etc., and can be connected to a printing machine or a plotter to directly draw a measurement chart.

Data collection is used for forestry resource inspection, that is, tree height, which can be used as commercial materials, vegetation production, wild special tree species, excellent tree species positioning, confirming the grade and economic value of regional trees, or determining the direction of trees in the cultivation and management research, and making the felling volume Cross-section diagrams to confirm resource gaps; when considering the method of tying timber when harvesting timber, it is very important to survey the topography, production, general intentions and high and low road construction of the tying timber channel. Using previous routine surveys, aerial photography and GPS positioning may encounter various problems (such as cost, accuracy, obstacles, etc.).