Can hunting laser rangefinders be used for golf?


To answer the question "Can a laser rangefinder for hunting play golf", it is necessary to understand the working principle of a laser rangefinder.

A laser rangefinder is a rangefinder that uses laser pulses in a narrow beam to determine the distance to an object. Laser rangefinders all work with the same basic concept. When the distance measurement button is pressed, the rangefinder emits a laser beam. These beams are reflected back from distant objects, and the high-speed clock of the rangefinder measures the total time taken from the beam leaving the device to returning. Since we know the propagation speed (speed of light) of the beam, the device can simply use this time measurement to calculate the distance it travels, and then display the distance to the user.

Therefore, the hunting laser rangefinder and the golf laser rangefinder have the same working principle and common points.

By understanding what functions are required for golfing and hunting, you can decide whether the rangefinder can be used for golfing and hunting. For golf laser rangefinders, golf tracking scanning and slope compensation are the main functions of golf. While hunting, in addition to the basic linear distance function, angle compensation distance, height, and speed are also required.

Therefore, as long as the laser rangefinder has the appropriate functions and menu options for golf and hunting, you can use a single laser rangefinder for golf and hunting. However, not all laser rangefinders offer this versatility, so you need to read the specifications carefully.