What are the benefits of using a rangefinder?


In 2019, the new golf regulations came into effect. One of the most revolutionary items in a series of important reforms is the restriction on the use of the "rangefinder".

In the past, the use of rangefinders was prohibited unless permitted by local regulations; in the new rules, the use of rangefinders was permitted unless prohibited by local regulations. Based on this, since the New Year, some professional players have also begun to use rangefinders on the professional arena.

In foreign countries, rangefinders have already been maturely used in golf sports fields, and our country has gradually filled the vacancies in this field. With more and more people playing off the court, whether it is on the court or above the average level, it is hoped that the players on the court can improve the speed of playing, and the demand for this is becoming stronger and stronger. In addition to the level of the players themselves, the selection of professional equipment is also very important. The most direct equipment is undoubtedly the laser rangefinder.

Usually players judge the distance from the ball to the flagstick through their own or the caddie's visual inspection, thus deciding which iron to take out of the bag, and use a few points of swing power. But with the laser rangefinder, the distance judgment of the player or caddie will be more accurate, so that they can more quickly decide which iron to choose based on the distance. Just aim the laser rangefinder at the flagpole, and the instrument will automatically tell the player how many yards from the position to the flagpole, to better judge the ball's landing point and the distance hit, so that the player can better understand the stability and stability of the ball. Improve the situation.

What are the benefits of using a rangefinder?

1. It is convenient for players to measure and understand the distance to the destination more accurately

Many times golfers use experience to judge the distance of the ball, but this judgment is basically very rough. It is impossible to accurately know the precise distance related to the destination or the location of the ball, and the ball may be My imagination is very big. But after having a golf rangefinder, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because it can measure distances hundreds or thousands of meters away very accurately. This way, it will also be of great help to the player's own level of performance, and it can be more The stability.

2. Quickly find the drop point of the golf ball

The golf rangefinder uses laser measurement. Because of the special nature of the laser, the corresponding distance can be measured very clearly and accurately. Players can better analyze and choose the appropriate technology to adjust their position, so as to train themselves in a targeted manner. The skill of the game has been improved better.

3. Able to better judge the direction and angle of the destination and current location

The golf rangefinder can easily measure the angle, height and direction of the target location, and it can also make oneself make a more precise plan for the next step of the game. It can make the player's judgment more accurate and the error rate is greatly reduced, and because of this, they can play their due level normally and stably.

For outdoor long-distance sports, some targets may not be able to make accurate judgments with their own eyes. At this time, if you have a good rangefinder, you can help you see the target more accurately.

"Trust me, you will have a good rangefinder sooner or later."