What are the benefits of the broken code screen in the infrared rangefinder?


As a precise measurement tool, infrared rangefinder has been widely used in many fields. There are many types of rangefinders. Infrared rangefinders are also called "infrared photoelectric rangefinders", which are based on red light As the light source of the rangefinder, gallium arsenide light-emitting diodes are usually used as the light source.

In infrared rangefinders, the most common ones are the distance figures and battery usage. Do you know what LCD screen the infrared rangefinder uses?

In fact, most infrared rangefinders use TN code-breaking screens. TN code-breaking screens are also called twisted nematic displays. It is the most common display device we usually use. In infrared rangefinders, TN Broken code screens are generally pen-segment digital displays, and most of the pen-segment digital displays are TN-type devices, so most of the pen-segment digital displays we usually see may be TN break code screens.

The most common ones are electronic alarm clocks, electronic watches, air conditioner remote controls, computers, etc. So what are the advantages of the TN break code screen? First of all, it can be very intuitive to see the power consumption, and on the rangefinder TN type broken code screen has the characteristics of fast response and affordable price, and it is a kind of LCD display that is loved by the masses and enterprises.