What are the types of golf rangefinders?


Because golf has its particularity compared to other ball sports or entertainment projects, MILESEEY golf rangefinder manufacturers emphasize that especially its field area is relatively wide, so only the naked eye is used to judge the goal when playing. The distance is very difficult, so it is necessary to use some equipment to observe, such as MILESEEY golf rangefinder is a commonly used equipment, and according to the different principles, the instrument is also divided into the following types.

1. Laser rangefinder

The application of laser is the highlight of this type of MILESEEY golf rangefinder. The reflection principle of laser can be used to obtain a relatively accurate distance of the target object. Moreover, the distance on the side of the MILESEEY golf rangefinder is relatively large from far to near, and you can make corresponding choices according to your own needs, such as short-distance handheld and long-distance telescope laser rangefinders, and it can reach The distances vary from hundreds to thousands of meters.

2. Ultrasonic rangefinder

When measuring, this MILESEEY golf rangefinder mainly transmits ultrasonic waves to the target object without reflection, and calculates to obtain the relevant distance. Therefore, it can be said that its principle is actually similar to that of the laser rangefinder, but the MILESEEY golf rangefinder manufacturer reminds that because the ultrasonic wave may be affected by the surrounding environment, the distance that can be measured is relatively short and the accuracy is not so high, so it is more suitable Short distance measurement and relatively low price.

3. Infrared rangefinder

MILESEEY golf rangefinder manufacturers introduce the infrared rangefinder is a special infrared light emitted to the target object and reflected back, from which the time is recorded and then the distance is calculated, and the measurement range of this instrument is generally 1 to 5 kilometers. . Infrared light will not spread when it propagates, so it can be emitted to a farther place, but because it has a certain refractive index, it can only be used for short-range measurement, but the MILESEEY golf rangefinder manufacturer found this. This instrument also has its advantages, that is, it is extremely easy to make, safe and cheap, and so on.