What are the advantages of laser golf rangefinders?


As the name suggests, the laser golf rangefinder is an auxiliary machine mainly used in golf courses, but due to its outstanding performance, it is not only used in golf courses in practical applications, but also for the entire golf course. market. According to the survey of golf rangefinder investment company, laser golf rangefinders have a good sense of customer experience in the entire market. Let's take a look at the advantages of the laser golf rangefinder with the editor.

1. It has an ideal environmental resistance design:

The laser golf range finder realizes a structure without a driving part, and through the original laser optical design, the laser golf range finder generates parallel transmitted light while maintaining high brightness, which is completely different from the laser scanning method without a driving part. structure, thereby effectively reducing the working pressure caused by the drive. In addition, it also meets the environmental resistance standard of IP67. The standard air purging component can also effectively prevent the front of the sensor head from being dirty, realizing the environmental resistance design for long-term stable use in various environments. Since the outer all-aluminum body is independent of the inner optical unit, after the outer body absorbs shock and temperature changes, it can protect the inner optical unit, making it highly resistant in any environment.

Two, two high standard to eliminate cognitive errors:

The outer end of the laser golf rangefinder is made of metal made of alloy technology, which can work in any situation and environment, making it have two high-efficiency performances of high speed and high precision, and can perform red aiming at the outer end. The installation of the device makes the laser visible to the naked eye, which is more conducive to consumers and friends to observe in an intuitive way, reduces unnecessary cognitive errors, and achieves extremely efficient aiming.

3. Has a long life and maintenance-free:

Since the laser golf rangefinder has an ideal environmental resistance design, it can minimize the wear caused by foreign objects when in use, and protect the service life of the laser golf rangefinder to the greatest extent. And because of its simple appearance and no-complexity design, it realizes a completely drive-free structure, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of polygon mirrors and motors caused by long-term use, and greatly reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, there is no need to carry out too much maintenance in the later stage, which can be said to have reached the maintenance-free stage, which is more convenient for consumers and friends to use.

The above three points are the advantages of laser golf rangefinders. Although the laser golf rangefinder is an extremely simple mechanical equipment in terms of structure, these advantages it has are beyond the reach of similar products on the market. And with the continuous improvement of consumer friends' demand for rangefinders and the continuous research and development of rangefinder experts, the advantages of laser golf rangefinders have become more and more obvious.