The difference between ultrasonic rangefinder and laser rangefinder


1. In terms of accuracy, the measurement accuracy of the ultrasonic rangefinder is at the centimeter level, and the measurement accuracy of the laser rangefinder is at the millimeter level;

2. In terms of measurement range, the measurement range of ultrasonic rangefinders is usually within 80 meters, while the measurement range of handheld laser rangefinders can reach 200 meters, and the measurement range of laser rangefinder telescopes can reach hundreds of kilometers, or even Farther away (the measurement accuracy of laser ranging telescopes is usually 1 meter or tens of centimeters).

3. The ultrasonic range finder is easy to report errors. Because the ultrasonic range finder emits sound waves and has the characteristics of fan-shaped emission of sound waves, when there are many obstacles where the sound waves pass, more sound waves will be reflected back, and there will be more interference, and it is easy to report errors. The laser rangefinder is a very small beam of laser that is emitted and then returned, so as long as the beam can pass, there is almost no interference.

4. The price of ultrasonic rangefinders ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, and the price of laser rangefinders ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand or tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the accuracy and distance.