Precautions when buying a laser rangefinder


Everyone may have less contact with laser rangefinders in daily life. When buying them, you may encounter difficulties in selection. If you don’t know the parameters and applications of laser rangefinders, you may be blind when you buy them, but it doesn’t matter. Let me tell you some precautions when buying a laser rangefinder

1. High prices are not necessarily good

Because the domestic laser rangefinder market is chaotic and the brands are complicated, many people think that expensive is good, so they start to blindly pursue big brands and high prices without caring whether the function of the product conforms to their own. Need, and when using the product, it is found that the function of the laser rangefinder is not the same as what you need, so you can only return it or buy it again. , lenses, multiples, lasers, harsh conditions, etc. Price is not the point, the point is the product. Domestic brands, foreign brands, and their own use to decide. If you are a person who is used in the surveying and mapping industry, you should take a look at the product functions of the laser rangefinder and choose a laser rangefinder suitable for engineering use.

2. Selection of domestic rangefinders and foreign rangefinders

Most Chinese people have a foreign mentality and think that domestic products are not as good as foreign ones. Yes, many high-end rangefinders in laser rangefinders are indeed more advanced foreign ones, but among low-end rangefinders, domestic ones The level is very mature, and it is not inferior to foreign rangefinders, and it has absolute advantages in price and after-sales, so you can also choose domestic rangefinders when buying rangefinders that are not particularly extreme.

3. Excessive rangefinder function

What does this mean? For example, when you go to buy a computer, you just need a laptop for office work. In fact, you only need to choose a Shenzhou Shield, but you have bought a God of War, and even more so. Alien, this kind of product is over-functional, and even brings the opposite effect, such as the bulkiness of aliens. The same is true for rangefinders, for example, if you only need to measure 40 meters, then there is no need to buy 200, your If the measurement accuracy is not high, then there is no need to buy a very accurate but expensive one, unless you have money and willful or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

4. Check the laser receiver

Basically, it is used to measure the quality of a laser rangefinder, so we must see it clearly when we buy it. Usually, it does not affect it, but in bad weather, it reflects the gap. Now many sellers are There are physical stores, it is best to test there before buying.

I believe that through the above analysis, everyone will have a bottom line when buying a laser rangefinder!