Comparison of laser rangefinders and traditional measuring tools


Today I bring you a comparison of laser rangefinders and traditional measurement tools

traditional measuring tools

Traditional measuring tools include tape measure, tape measure, and caliper. However, the use of these measuring tools has not kept up with the development of the times. For example, to measure the area of a house, it is necessary to run around the house with a tape measure. It is not enough for two people to pull the tape measure. Recording data is time-consuming and laborious. When measuring on some construction sites, taking a ladder, standing at a height or measuring at the corner of the stairs, there are even potential safety hazards such as falling down and hitting the head.

Laser rangefinder

The emergence of laser rangefinders has solved the shortcomings of traditional measurement tools. With just one touch, the measurement data is immediately displayed on the screen. No matter distance measurement, house area measurement or volume measurement, it is not a problem. It can be done by one person and one hand, saving time and effort.

On the surface, the price of laser rangefinders is a little more expensive than measuring tools such as rulers, but, just think about it: measuring the wall of a house, the traditional method requires two people, each 8 hours; It only takes one person 4 hours to complete the distance meter, which saves 14 hours and is four times faster. If a worker's salary is calculated at 25 yuan per hour, the total saving is 14 hours multiplied by 25 = 350. In this way, buying a laser rangefinder is more efficient and cost-effective.

Through the above comparison of laser rangefinders and traditional measurement tools, we can see that the advantages of laser rangefinders are simply too great!