How to maintain and clean the laser rangefinder daily


As a new generation - laser ranging sensor, industry, transportation and daily life are inseparable from it. So how to maintain the laser ranging sensor in daily production and life?

During maintenance, we should first know its composition. The laser ranging sensor consists of a laser, a transmission module, a housing and a lens. Lasers and transmission modules require professionals to open the inside of the housing for maintenance.


The lens is the part of the laser ranging sensor that needs to be cleaned every day because the laser beam is emitted from the housing through the lens to measure the laser beam. Therefore, if there is dirt in the lens, it will affect the normal use of the laser ranging sensor.

If it is an industrial site with a poor environment, the operator needs to check the sealing of the housing every day. For the laser republic transmission module in the housing, it is necessary to regularly find a professional to open the housing for maintenance and inspection.


In many industrial places, wired data transmission or wiring is impossible, so what should we do in some occasions that require laser ranging? We may have given up using such convenient laser ranging technology in the past, but now we do not need . A new generation of laser ranging sensors with Bluetooth data transmission function came into being.

Whether you are in the operating room or not, you only need to take your mobile phone to see the data transmitted by the laser ranging sensor in real time. Our laser ranging sensor can be installed with rechargeable batteries to truly realize wireless measurement and solve many customer problems.