What is the difference between a laser ranging telescope and a normal telescope?


The telescopes we usually use are just to allow you to see things in the distance, and to let you know the exact distance of the things you see from you, which is a function that ordinary telescopes do not have; and for laser rangefinders Generally speaking, it does not have the function of a telescope. Although it can measure distance, is there a telescope that allows you to appreciate the function of things. What is a laser ranging telescope with these two functions at the same time?

First of all, the first difference between telescopes and laser ranging telescopes is whether they need to use energy. General telescopes do not need to use batteries, while laser ranging telescopes need to use batteries, because it needs to emit lasers to measure distances. There is energy for it to consume.

Another aspect is that if you are using a telescope to appreciate things in the distance, the distance that the laser ranging telescope can reach may not be enough, because the distance of the distance measurement is limited and the related functions of the telescope will be better than that of the telescope. Similar amount of telescopes are worse.

So for those who use telescopes to observe things, it is better to use special telescopes, so where are laser ranging telescopes mainly used?

First of all, the military aspect is its main application field. We have all seen that when snipers are aiming at people, the one that uses red dots on others' bodies is the laser. In addition, it is used more in engineering surveying and mapping; and there may be some People like to go hunting. Distance must be very important to him, so natural laser ranging telescopes are also very popular among them.

Another high-end field is entertainment. The use of laser ranging telescopes on golf courses is also very needed to facilitate the determination of competitive results.