Which is better between monoculars and binoculars? Compare and teach you what you need


Which is better, monocular or binocular? If you are holding it, of course, the binocular is better than the monocular. In addition to the three-dimensional sense, there is also a sense of presence, which is very important. The hand-held small monocular has low technical requirements and low production threshold, so there are few good products, and most of them are low-end and indifferent products. There are few good ones, but there are, but the price is not very good. Let's take a look at what we need to choose a monocular or binocular telescope according to, and the precautions for the use of the telescope.

1. Which one is better, monocular or binocular

1. Is the multiple of single cylinder high or the multiple of double cylinder high?

This is not necessarily, it cannot be said to compare like this. There are also high multiples for single cylinders and high multiples for double cylinders. For example, if the astronomical telescope is a multiple of the monocular, the binocular is much higher, and if your old-fashioned monocular is Galileo, the multiple is not as high as the binocular.

2. Is the effect of a single tube better or that of a double tube?

Of course the binoculars. First of all, for viewing and bird watching, it is obvious that binoculars are more comfortable to watch and have better portability. The eyes are easily fatigued after a long time of single-tube use, and the superimposed effect of imaging without vision will also affect the three-dimensional sense of the picture (you Covering one eye in a movie theater and seeing a picture with a large spatial change can be realized).

3. The difference between monocular and binoculars

The stereoscopic effect of the binoculars is relatively strong, because the two eyes are used at the same time, the binoculars will be more comfortable to use when in use. Points can form a stable plane.

The monocular telescope does not have the problem of parallel optical axes of the two lens barrels, and can be designed with a higher magnification and can be designed as a variable magnification telescope. Compared with binoculars, monoculars are about half the weight under the same optical parameters.

4. According to what to choose single cylinder and double cylinder

If you use it more for travel and outdoor activities, carry it with you for bird watching or watch ball games, sports meetings, concerts, etc., then choose binoculars. Its internal structure is more stable and firmer than that of a single tube, and it is stable and easy to carry. If you are observing astronomical landscapes, you have to choose high-powered astronomical telescopes, all of which are monocular. It has a special tripod and if you are looking for high quality bird watching and need to take pictures and stay, you have to choose a single tube. It is very inconvenient for you to install a camera with a binocular.

5. How to convert binoculars into monoculars

May I ask why you need to modify it, no matter what method you use to modify it, the effect is not as good as before, which is equivalent to destroying a mirror. If you are purely for testing, it doesn't matter, you can search the internal structure diagram of the two on the Internet, and just buy the materials and change them. Personally, I do not recommend refitting, it is better to buy another one.